John Marz Breaks His Word


“I absolutely am not going to run,” John Marz promised the Henderson City Council one year ago as one of 14 applicants to serve the remaining year of Kathleen Vermillion’s term of office after she resigned. In an impassioned speech to the Henderson City Council, Marz asked the Council to choose him over the other applicants for the job because he would not run as the incumbent. He said incumbents have a tremendous advantage in elections and that it would be unfair for an unelected appointee to run as the incumbent. Based on this promise, he won the job, which comes with a $36,000 a year salary.

Since Nevada leads the nation in unemployment, Nevadans are well aware that most job applications state that lying while applying for a job will result in termination. In the Tuesday edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Marz denied that he lied, stating that he meant to keep his promise when he made it.

On the Saturday January 12th broadcast of the Veterans in Politics show, discussing the possibility that Marz might change his mind and run as the incumbent, radio host Steve Sanson said, “When someone gives his word, he should keep it.”

Last October when Marz first stated he was thinking of breaking his promise, Jane Ann Morrison’s commentary in the October 11, 2012 edition of the Review-Journal headlined, “First he says he won’t run, now he says he might… do I smell hypocrisy?” In Morrison’s column, she quoted “Henderson City Councilman Sam Bateman, who had wanted a special election, said if Marz runs, ‘At the end of the day, he’ll have to explain that.'” Morrison’s column also quoted Sean Fellows, loser of the 2008 State Assembly race in the Green Valley area that the Council Ward 3 seat represents, saying, “If he can change his mind on something this big and this quickly, what other vow that he’s willing to make is he so willing to break?”

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