Kardashian, Bieber, Spears and especially Lohan and Snooki are annoying

Celebrities I Don't Care About, Do You?

lindsaylohanI Don’t Care, Do You?

Of all the things that don’t matter in our world, celebrities and their lives are at the top of the list. Their marriages, divorces, pregnancies, and custody battles are personal, and their lives and problems belong to them alone, they are not mine and they are simply uninteresting not important and annoying at best.

The most uninteresting I list below are not in any particular order, although some are definitely more annoying than the others.

I always think of Lindsay Lohan first. Here was a young Disney star who had the world at her feet. She was pretty, had a certain amount of acting ability, and I, like many others, enjoyed her movies. Her penchant for “doing what made her feel good” put her in a different light. She is not only a depraved and useless human being, she is a cruel and self-destructive person who appears to have no redeeming qualities. I hope we hear no more about her in 2013, she’s had many chances and blew everyone of them.

Kim Kardashian, (and the rest of the clan). Why is she of any importance? What has she done? What has she accomplished? She is a trashy woman with a huge derriere. If that’s her claim to fame I see many teenage girls with the same attribute. Enough already. She’s a nobody, and has nothing to offer. Again, 2013, please spare us.

When Justin Bieber complained that he was snubbed at the Grammies, I thought I might just “blow chunks”. He’s a cute kid, but he has no talent. His followers are pre-teens, adolescents, and sexually frustrated middle-aged women. You earn awards, you are not give them.

Thankfully we haven’t heard much about Paris Hilton this year. If you achieved your fame by filming a homemade video of you and your consort having sex, and putting it on the internet, you aren’t much, are you. You’re a rich, moderately attractive woman who offers nothing to society. 2013 will hopefully not be annoyed by your presence.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were always questionable as a couple to me. I like both of them, but their personalities just didn’t seem to mix well. Now that you are no longer a couple, I don’t want to hear about your new lovers, how you don’t need each other, etc., etc., etc. And Tom, how in the hell can you play Jack Reacher? I’ve read at least a dozen of Lee Child’s books and you are no Jack Reacher. He is an ex-military cop, 6 feet 5 inches tall weighing 250 pounds. He’s blonde, nice looking but not pretty, and is feared when his adversaries encounter him. This is not you.

To “Snooki” and the entire Jersey Shore cast. You disgust me. You are crude and uneducated. You offend my sense of civility, and I pray to God no one ever does a show like yours again.

The supposed father of Kim Kardashian’s child is Kanye West. West has no talent, unless you consider being able to eject sperm a talent. His rudeness to other entertainers and his self importance are reason enough to hope his “ten minutes of fame” are over.

It appears that Brittany Spears, Jessica Simpson, Ted Nugent, Hank Williams Jr., and senile personal appearances by Clint Eastwood are a thing of the past. If 2013 is to be a better year, I hope so.

I’m sure I forgot a few, and I apologize. I didn’t mean to snub others who have no reason to appear in print or on screen. Let me know if you are offended. I’m sure I could find a few annoying things to say about you.

By James Turnage

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