James Yeager, CEO of ‘Tactical Response’ Harsh Warning

The Mentally Ill Should Not Have Guns

James Yeager, CEO of ‘Tactical Response’ Harsh Warning

This man wants to kill innocent people. He is angry, and obviously deranged. And yet he is not only allowed to own guns, he teaches others how to use them.

James Yeager, CEO of ‘Tactical Response’, a Tennessee company that trains people to use guns, and teaches tactical response, says that if President Obama changes gun control laws, he is going to start killing people.

He says this and a lot more on a video he posted on YouTube and Facebook, much of which, due to obscene language, is not printable. He urges other gun owners to “load their weapons, there’s going to be a war“.

This is a perfect example of why we must have a change in the way we allow gun ownership. When the life of a child becomes less important than the “right” to own a weapon of mass destruction, we have become a nation unworthy of freedom, and are far from achieving the label of “great”.

Mr. Yeager is obviously a man filled with hate instead of love. Hate was the driving force in Aurora and Newtown. We’ll most likely never understand what drove these horrible men to such violent actions, but there is no doubt it wasn’t love for their fellow man.

I strongly believe that the second amendment should be changed. I don’t believe we should take away the “right to bear arms”, but we must stop the sale and use of military and law enforcement style weapons to the general public. No one needs them, and no one should have the right to possess weapons that in the wrong hands could massacre dozens of normal people going about their daily lives.

Those of us who are unlike Mr. Yeager should have the right to feel safe. If a ban on assault rifles and high output magazines could have saved one small child in Newtown, or one moviegoer in Aurora, it is worth it.

I feel sorry for people like Mr. Yeager. He is obviously a very unhappy man. On the other hand, I’m glad he lives in Tennessee.

James Turnage
Columnist-The Guardian Express