3 men found murdered in a cabin outside Forestville in Sonoma County

3 men found murdered in a cabin outside Forestville in Sonoma CountyTriple Homicide in Sonoma County

Three men were found murdered in a cabin just outside Forestville in Sonoma County, California.  All three were shot to death inside the residence.  Evidence at the scene indicated the killings were a result of a “botched marijuana deal”.

The names of two of the victims have been released.  They were Raleigh Butler, 26, of Petaluma, California, and Richard Lewin, 46 of Huntington, New York.  The name of the third victim, an acquaintance of Butler, has not been released.  The home belonged to Butler’s mother.

Sonoma County Sheriff Dennis O’Leary said that Lewin and the unnamed victim had flown into the area to make a large marijuana purchase.  “The alleged shooter or shooters were delivering the merchandise and somehow along the way three people were shot,” O’Leary said.

There was no evidence of marijuana being grown on the property.

The bodies were found in a bedroom by Butler’s brother and his girlfriend.  They had become worried when they had tried to reach him by phone for several hours.

The deceased were discovered about 3:15 in the afternoon on Tuesday.  There are no suspects at this time.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express