Atlanta: Child Support Lawyer Scam

This is the reason you check the credentials of anyone you hire for professional services.

Atlanta: Child Support Lawyer Scam

Child Support Lawyer, Scam Artist!

Child support lawyer,  Mr. Arkeith Nelson was hired by, Mr. and Mrs. Davis.  The couple contacted Zone 5 investigators on 02-05-2013 and advised them that they paid him a total of $5275-00 for services to assist them with a child support issue.   And later found, that Mr. Nelson did not assist them with their case and furthermore that he was not licensed to practice law in Georgia. At one point during the scam, Mr. Nelson agreed to

Atlanta: Child Support Lawyer Scam be in court to represent Mr. Davis in his absence, but Mr. Nelson never went to the hearing. As a result the judge issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Davis.

Through the investigation, Zone 5 investigators were able to develop probable cause to charge Mr. Nelson, with four counts of Theft by Deception and one count of Unauthorized Practice of Law.

Investigators are interested in speaking with anyone else, who may have hired Mr. Nelson as an attorney. Anyone who may have information for investigators is asked to contact them on 404-658-6636.