Boondocks season 4 to premiere soon in 2013

Boondocks season 4 to premiere soon in 2013 and a live action film in the works

Boondocks season 4 to premiere soon in 2013

Boondocks season 4 to premiere soon in 2013

From beloved but often criticized comic strip to hit TV show that fans from all over have grown to love. Hit show ‘The Boondocks’ has had three successful seasons and season 3 was suppose to be the third and final season but after attaining millions of viewers, Aaron McGruder began putting together a season 4.

Still, it has been almost three years since the season three finale yet fans still hope that a season 4 will soon premiere. There have been rumors and speculation and finally in 2013 there will be a season 4 of ‘The Boondocks.’ In fact the first episode is titled ‘Huey’s Redemption.’ As for when this episode will air, now that is a question to ask the show’s creator Aaron Mcgruder. For he or anyone else involved in making The Boondocks have yet to say when season 4 will premiere except that it will air in 2013 and on adultswim.

Also in Boondocks news is the making of a live-action film but let’s be clear on this, the film will be based around Uncle Ruckus. It will not star any of the main characters, that’s right there will be no Huey, Riley or Granddad in the film. Leaving fans to wonder why create a film solely around the self-hating Uncle Ruckus, and not include any of the main characters. Uncle Ruckus has his time when he is funny but at the same time why would anyone want to see an hour or hour and a half of this man and his rants.

Still, Aaron has put the Uncle Ruckus movie up on kickstarter and hopes to raise $200,000 but if the amount isn’t raised by Feburary 28th. Then a mockumentary entitled ‘Uncle Ruckus saves America,’ will be produced instead.

Fans will thank Aaron for the idea of a new Boondocks project but many still wonder and question when can they expect season 4 of The Boondocks?


-Kelly J Newson