How soon can we expect a movie about the meteor?

Who Will Be The Star?

Who Will Be The Star?

At This Very Moment, Hollywood Is Rushing To Make The Movie

While I, like millions of others watched with amazement as a meteor the size of a school bus flew at 33,000 mph above Chelyabinsk in the Ural Mountains, I had an immediate thought:  How soon can we expect the movie?  Disaster movies are a Hollywood staple, and this one is real!

Sonic booms shattered windows and shook buildings in a manner unlike that of the detonation of an atomic bomb.  Fragments broke off and either created crater-like impressions in the ground, or caused damage to structures.  Broken glass and flying debris injured more than 900 people, 43 were sent to the hospital.

It was obviously frightening for the residents of this small mountain community, but the guys with the bigs bucks certainly must see it as an opportunity.

I have but one question:  Will it be a “made for TV movie,” or a feature film, or both?

If it’s a TV movie, who will play the mayor of Chelyabinsk?  He will most likely be the hero.  Rutger Hauer looks Russian, he might be a good fit.  Others might fit the role as well, such as Hugh Laurie from “House,” or maybe Dennis Farina.

If they make a movie for the “big screen,” who knows what they’ll do.  It may have scientists predicting the “end of the world.”  They may decide to kill off a majority of the town.  They may change the location to Moscow, increasing the inevitable death toll.  And worst of all, Tom Cruise will probably be placed in the leading role.

Miscasting him again would not be a surprise.  If you have ever read a Lee Child book, and enjoyed his repetitive character “Jack Reacher,” you know how implausible it was to have Cruise play the role.  Reacher is 6 feet 5 inches tall, and weighs 250 pounds.  Cruise in well under six feet, and weighs little more than one of my Labrador Retrievers.  But, that’s Hollywood.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express