Mexico: 9-year-old gives birth

Mexico: 9-year-old gives birth

A 9-year-old girl gave birth to a baby in Western Mexico and authorities are investigating the circumstances of conception and the whereabouts of the father, a 17-year. it was not possible to independently verify the age of the mother, which has not released his identity because he may have suffered sexual abuse, according to some sources, and neither have been able to corroborate the judicial authorities’

The spokesman for the Jalisco state attorney general, Lino Gonzalez, said the hospital and the family of the girl-notified authorities of the unusual birth a week ago. Gonzalez said the girl and her baby are in good condition. The baby was born with normal weight in Zoquipan Hospital in the city of Guadalajara.

“First we want to see if it really was that boy’s father, in what circumstances the baby was conceived. Gonzalez told The Associated Press.

“For his age, his body is not fit and in the best position to have a baby”, so the baby was born “via cesarean,” said the doctor told reporters, adding that both were discharged last weekend week in good health.

According Enrique Osorio Rabago, director of the General Hospital of the West, of the city of Guadalajara, the small, native village of Ixtlahuacán, became pregnant when she was 8.

Rabago said the lower Solorio received counseling before and after childbirth, adding that he will follow in the coming weeks to assess possible emotional disorders. Little also received a sub dermal implant to prevent another possible pregnancy, a procedure that was adopted by the mother, said the head of the gynecology hospital, Serrano Raymundo.

The girl’s mother, whose name was not released by authorities, told investigators that she realized that her daughter was pregnant until seven months pregnant. The girl was taken to the hospital when the labor pains began, before giving birth on January 27 2013. “The lady did not know he had to report,” Gonzalez said.

He said the boy could have left the community where he and the girl lived south of Guadalajara. He said he checked his paternity of the young face charges of child sexual abuse up to 20 years in prison.