Mom won’t sign Arkansas Recruits Letter of Intent

browardAlex Collin’s mom wants her boy to stay home. Home is the University of Miami, Collin’s wants to play for the Razorbacks.

Collin’s mother Andrea McDonald refused to sign his letter of intent as she wants her son to stay close to home. Collin’s mother is reported to have arrived at Collin’s school at 10:45 a.m. to sign his letter of intent. She then not only didn’t sign the letter of intent but left the school. ESPNU had reported that McDonald had actually left with the papers, this has yet to be confirmed.

“I would prefer him to go to Miami, too, because it would be a better program for him, a better environment. He could get home faster and it’s more convenient if Mom wants to go to a game, instead of having to fly to Arkansas,” Johnny Collins, Alex’s brother said in a statement.

Collin’s is a four-star Recruit, and an ESPN150 five-star recruit, ranked 57th overall. The 5-foot-10 200 pound Collins rushed for 1276 yards and 14 touchdowns during his senior campaign. It was thought Miami had him locked up until Collins reopened his recruitment in November. On Monday he chose Arkansas over Miami, Wisconsin, Florida State and Florida.

John Franklin, who signed with Florida State, and is Collins best friend said, “He’s pretty upset about everything but I think things are going to get worked out. At least they are talking right now. It’s been pretty tough on Alex since he made the decision.”

Collin’s made a decision. One that is his and to have his own family try to stop him moving forward with it is heinous. We all understand haters are going to hate. We never expect though the haters to be under our own roofs. By Steve Kish