New Yorker Times Launches New Social Media News Website


The Huffington Post was sold for around $315,000,000.00.

Our Aim is to create something much more dynamic:  The Ultimate News Paper!

Ok my friend (and hopefully NEW colleague), I’ll give you some brief details:

On Monday, February 4, 2013 we announced the Beta Launch of our new Artist’s Review, News & Entertainment Magazine: New Yorker Times.

A subsidiary of the Frackle Media Group, the New Yorker Times promises to offer its members and readers a comprehensive social network, and Artist’s Review experience unlike anything ever offered before on the internet. Artists such as musicians, singers, dancers, actors, painters, models, designers, authors, writers and many others now have a chance to participate in the creation of a community that seeks to highlight up-and-coming artistic talent.

The New Yorker Times is therefore a platform designed to enhance the reach of the ordinary artist on a worldwide scale, while also providing breaking news and information that is important to members of the entertainment industry.

Although our primary focus is on all members of the creative arts community, the “New Yorker Times” founders will initially emphasize up-and-coming writers who are capable of producing content in the following areas:

fiction, non-fiction, novels, investigative journalism, personal essays, autobiographical essays, critique of a published source, historical times context essay, science article or report/business article or report, ghost stories, myths, tall tales, fairy tales, local news reports, newspaper or magazine feature/human interest stories, obituaries, eulogies, tributes, gossip articles, or articles covering entertainment or the tech industry.

The New Yorker Times is presently seeking:

1) Book review/critique writers
2) Music reviews writers who can cover album and single releases and music video assignments
3) Movie and/or TV review writers
4) Artwork review writers who can cover a single work of art or collection – this pertains to the visual artist
5) Theatrical review writers – Plays, Dance Concerts, Musicals and Theatrical productions
6) Fashion review writers
7) Restaurant review writers
8) Stories and articles that highlight both professional and up-and-coming novelists, musicians, visual artists, actors, singers, models, dancers, chefs, fashion designers, choreographers, and composers of songs and lyrics
10) Stories and articles that highlight up-and-coming online businesses
11) Stories and articles that highlight tech news
12) Concert and award ceremony review writers.

If you have an interest in writing articles informed by one or more of the preceding categories, the New Yorker Times is interested in cultivating your talent.

All writers who choose to join the New Yorker Times will have an opportunity to earn a minimal income, have access to a generous collection of SEO tools and information, and are entitled to a choice of marketing campaigns designed to publicize and sell an artist’s written works. Writing memberships also include regular reviews of an artist’s published works and free entry into our monthly contest.

Members of the New Yorker Times who choose to become regular writers for the online publication will be offered an opportunity to participate in a paid writers program titled:

“Seven-Fold Path to Editor-in-Chief.”

While anyone can participate at the reporter level, which represents the program’s ground floor, talented writers can earn an immediate promotion to any one of seven income membership positions in the program.

The following colorized list provides a more vivid description of the New Yorker Times’ “Seven Fold Path to Editor-in-Chief” program.


Editor-in-Chief 1,000,000+ Pageviews 1 ½ daily articles = up to $60,000 rev
Associate Editor 500,000-999,999 Pageviews 1 daily article = up to $30,000 rev.
News Editor 100,000-499,999 Pageviews 4 weekly articles = up to $15,000
City Editor 50,000-99,999 Pageviews 3 weekly articles = up to $10,000
Editor: 1,000-49,999 Pageviews 2 weekly articles = up to $5,000
Deputy Editor 100-1,000 Pageviews 1 weekly articles = up to $2,000
Reporter 0-99 Pageviews 1 monthly articles = monthly bonus

The above calculations represent a rough estimate of the kind of revenue that a particular membership title can expect to earn during the course of a year. The dollar amounts do not include bonuses that could easily surpass these earnings estimates.

Writers who are advancing to the Editor-in-Chief program will be assigned a staff of writers and assistants specifically assigned to the task of helping an editor accomplish his or her weekly goals.

An editor’s team is titled “News Room” and given a prefix to specify the particular News Room.

Each month, the New Yorker Times will reward its member with two awards:

“The Ephraim Writers Excellence Award” and “Founders Award.”

Members will learn more about the Ephraim Award once they sign up.

The Founders Award was launched on Monday, February 4, 2013. In order to participate in this contest, click on any of the colored menu items above the New Yorker Times logo on the homepage.

Winners will receive more than $5,000 worth of marketing for any published work of their choosing, a custom built website, a cash award divided and dispersed from a $500.00 pot. And perhaps the most enduring prize, each winner from each category will have their names placed forever, on the New Yorker TimesFounders’ plaque, which is to be located in a very conspicuous place on the online pages of: New Yorker Times

It’s definitely going to be like no other paper ever created before.

What I’m searching for is 1,000 creme de la creme writers to fill the positions within the infra-structure, and to become FOUNDING MEMBERS.

Note:   We are building from a strong, solid foundation upwards; and our Founding Members will be given the opportunity to share in the spoils!
“New Yorker Times”

if you are interested in joining us, create your account at

Note:  Our engineers are redesigning the site as it evolves this month, so please be patient. We have set our sights on developing our infrastructure during the month of February.

4 Responses to New Yorker Times Launches New Social Media News Website

  1. freelancejoe February 4, 2013 at 11:46 am

    This is one of the most inventive and ingenious concepts on the www.

  2. TsvetomirTodorov February 4, 2013 at 4:26 am

    I am not sure if it will be a success so big that it will change the way we view news and culture websites. There are established sites and facebook groups and other connected with tihs. If there is a success it will be mostly because of the good name of New York TImes.

    Still, there is a possiblity that they invent something that will be innovating ang ground breaking – after all, modern companies strive to distinguish themselves.


  3. Maurice Colgan February 4, 2013 at 2:04 am

    This looks to be a fascinating and extraordinary venture bound to revolutionise the way we view the News and Culture websites.


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