Pemex Blast reaches 36 dead

Pemex Blast add to 36 dead

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, through his twitter account announced that other bodies were rescued from the rubble after the explosion last Thursday at the administrative headquarters of Pemex. Adding to 36 dead and 35 injured. Furthermore, Pemex announced an updated list of the people hospitalized and reported that so far, 91 people have been discharged after the accident.

According to Notimex, Central Hospital of South Picacho are hospitalized Nohemi Martinez Herrera, Martha Elena Camacho Clavel, Martina Sustersick Olvera, Anyra Yatzaret Torres Martinez, Mary Elizabeth Castrejon Mejia.
Similarly, Raúl Plascencia Aguirre, Arturo Trujillo Gonzalo Serrano, María Téllez light Castañeda, Rubén Malagón Lopez, Jose Ernesto Carrasco Jiménez Morales and Mitzi Oyuki Trejo.
In the North Central Hospital of Pemex, located in Azcapotzalco, Margarita Maldonado is serving Lomas, Nathan Moon Abel Gonzalez, Maria de Lourdes Ramos Kennedy, Lilia Rivera Barrera, María Ibáñez Leticia González, Arturo Castro Chain, Benhur Antonio Lopez Maldonado, Miriam Rivera Villegas, Dorian Hernandez Mendoza Yoana.
Also, Marco Antonio Rangel Sigler, Silvia Nunez Garduño, Adalberto Pablo Granados Vela, Mabel Lourdes Castro Rojas and Javier Blas Villegas.
In Interlomas Angeles hospital are admitted Octavio Victor Mora, Maricela Germán Ruiz, Rocio Garcia Benitez, Gerardo Gonzalez Guzman, Erika Torres Morales, Tomas Rivera Argüelles, Rodrigo Ceron Angel Hurtado, Victor Manuel Acosta and Daneb Guzmán Álvarez. Finally, in the Angeles del Pedregal Hospital Victoria are hospitalized Carolina Vanegas Cristina Lopez and Laura Arriaga.

The explosion happens last Thursday at building B2 its administrative office center in Mexico City. President Enrique Peña was reported Sunday found a body in the rubble.

“I am sorry to report that the number of deaths in Pemex has now reached 35. During the rescue work they found one more person, “ explained the president through his twitter account.

While rescues efforts are priority to find potential victims buried after the explosion at Pemex, members of the Army and Navy are ordered to track all documents found in the rubble of building B2.

According the newspaper Refrorma, from this Sundays rescuers have black and green bags to keep documentation to be located in the are affected by the explosion. From 8:00pm rescuers work with shovels to find roles in the rubble. They indicated that is unlikely that more victims in the scene except the three people still missing. Reforma also reported that personnel involved in the rescue efforts said that among the documentation was destroyed by the explosion’s audits of internal control bodies. However other medias denied this and said that was lost only corresponding to the area of human resources. After the building collapse B2, records were lost and Gas Refining assets, according to the testimony of a Pemex employee who requested to be anonymous

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