Syed Ali killed 4 and Shoots Himself in the Head

Syed Ali killed 4 people and shots him self in the headAround 4:45 am, officers of the Department of the Orange County Sheriff responded to a 911 call. Residents of the house located at 5th Read Leaf Lane reported hearing shots inside your home. When they arrived, officers found the body of a woman of about 20-years-old who had received multiple shots.

For reasons still unknown, Syed Ali, 20-years-old bachelor who lived with his parents in that residence, fired several shots at the victim. On hearing the shots, Syed parents and others who were in the house, including children, left the residence and no one else was injured, said at a press conference Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Department of the Orange County Sheriff.

Amormino said he still did not know the victim’s relationship with the young man who killed her.

Syed escaped in the black SUV with his parents, who apparently had a damaged wheel, and entered the 5 freeway. Around 5:10 am, officers received a report of a man who had attempted to steal a vehicle. Leaving the highway, in Red Hill Avenue, Syed had tried to steal a man’s blue Cadillac in the parking lot located between the Dennys restaurant and Big Lots store. The owner of the vehicle managed to flee, but Syed Syed Ali killed 4 people and shots him self in the headchased him from behind and shot him in the neck, said Jordan Scott, Tustin Police Chief.

A few minutes later, Syed stopped at a service station, approached a man who was pumping gas and told him to hand over the car keys. “I just killed someone,” he said. “I do not want to hurt you, today is my last day,” said Syed. The young man took the truck, and went back to Highway 55, where he began shooting. A driver was shot in the mouth and hand and two-reported damage to their cars, but were not injured.

One of the victims called police, who are investigating whether other drivers who drove on the highway at that time had also been shot.

Syer continued firing arbitrarily and stealing vehicles. The suspect car changed again, this time addressed to a man who drove a BMW, which had stopped at a stop sign near the 5 Freeway in Santa Ana Once the victim handed over the keys, Syer told him to walk to where there was grass and killed execution style, even though the man had collaborated with him. The victim was identified as Melvin Lee Edwards, 69-years-old, resident of Laguna Hills.

“All the incidents happened very quickly, in minutes, between the two,” said Jordan. Authorities had received numerous calls from residents reporting incidents morning.

Soon after, Syer attacked his third victim, Jeremy Lewis, 26-years-old, a resident of Fullerton, who was close to the electronics store Micro Center, on the avenues and Del Almo Edinger in Tustin, said Jordan. Lewis, and another victim who was injured and was taken to hospital, they were construction workers who were working for Fairfild Inn at Edinger Avenue.

The officers saw the suspect driving the stolen car near the corner of Katella Avenue and North Wanda Road. Syer exited the vehicle, still running at low speed, and shot himself in the head. “It came not to be confrontational,” said Jordan. Authorities recovered a weapon that apparently belonged to Syer, but speculate that there may be others that the suspect may have used during the killings.

In the investigation of the incident helped the Sheriff’s Department, the Orange Police Department, Santa Ana and Tustin, the FBI and the Highway Patrol CHP.

Authorities said it was not a conspiracy, and that Syer had acted independently for unknown reasons. “The community is not in danger,” said Amormino.

The young man was unemployed and took a class in college Saddle Ranch. Amormino said that until yesterday, had never received any reports of violence from the home of Red Leaf Lane, Syer and had no criminal record. In total, four people, including the suspect, died as a result of the incident in the morning arbitrary.