The Venus Project, The Future We Should All Want

venus_project_logo_by_unknown_cowfish-d2u2v53I was watching Zeitgeist Addendum the other night. What is Zeitgeist? I will cover that in a later column. Addendum brought to my attention a thought I have always wondered? Why do we value paper so much? Money, the Dollar, the Euro, the Yen, whatever you want to call it. It all has no real value, we just give it a value because we are told to. Would you by an 80 page notebook off of me for $400 if I told you each page was worth $5? No you would laugh in my face, yet that is what we do, as a country, and as a global economy. What holds real value? Resources, natural resources. We pay for them everyday with are worthless paper The Venus Project is an idea of removing the money. No more money-ism, live by resource-ism.

Did you know that 97% of all money is electronic, is doesn’t even exist? Did you also know that the mortgage you  are paying on your house doesn’t really exist. The banking system makes up the value of money and then makes your loan out of thin air. Jerome Daly, a Minnesota lawyer, took the on the Federal Reserve and won when facing foreclosure. The basis of his victory was that the bank didn’t put up a legitimate property for the exchange. The banks create the money for all loans, it never comes out of their assets. The judge ruled in Daly”s favor and even added ” Only God can create something of value out of nothing.” This is all in the Federal Reserves Modern Money Mechanics, they openly explain how they operate. It is just worded so most of us don’t fully understand it.

The Venus Project will end all this nonsense. It will end your slavery. Yes we are all slaves, slaves to the banks.  We all go to work to pay off debts, debts that don’t actually exist. Currency is created with debt built-in. Did you know that for every deposit you make, the bank can create nine times that out of thin air. Our government has devalued  the dollar bill 96% since 1913. It takes $21.60 to equal the value of $1 in 1913. We are taught through inflation our money is worth more now then it was then. This is a complete and total lie. Debt creates money and money creates debt, the deeper in debt the country is the reality is the richer the country is. If all debts were paid off there would be no money in circulation as money has debt attached to it from the moment it is created. So we are all slaves to the banking system and debt.

VP3With the Venus Project we will be free.  Free of currency and free of work. Free to enjoy our lives as we wish. The monetary system will be replaced with the Resource Based Economy. Money has no true value, but oil, gold, wood, metal, these do. The middle east amasses billions just because it sits on top of oil. The United States also has a large oil supply but they choose to hold onto their oil. Waiting until everyone else runs dry, so that they can drive up the price when they have the supply. Recently drillers have found what they estimate a 3 trillion barrel oil supply under Colorado and Utah. Since mankind has been consuming oil it has only used an estimated 1 trillion barrels.

watercityEducation would be at the forefront. When you take money out of the equation now the focus is on education, technology and betterment of life. No select few at the top, you would be free participate in any area of your competence. No more getting passed over for the son of the vice president that doesn’t have the resume or intellect you do. A fair playing field.

Crimes rates would also drop drastically. Crime is driven from scarcity and greed. A person doesn’t have enough money, or enough material possessions they commit crimes. You take away scarcity and greed you virtually eliminate crime. There will still be those that harm others, but the rate will be vastly reduced. Thus creating a safer living environment.

green-float-project-tower-aboveWith education at a premium in this society technology could exponentially grow. Reusable and clean sources of energy could be used. Geothermal, wind, solar, wave and tidal power harnessed on mass scales unlike ever before. The Japanese are leading this movement in technology and free thinking. The have started a project entitled “Green Float Project”. This is the first step towards the realization of the Venus Project. What the Japanese plan to build is a floating super structure that will be 1 kilometer high, surpassing the Burj Khalifa, the worlds current tallest building. The structure will house 40,000 inhabitants, and will consist of a vertical farm. The structure will be built using ultra light alloys made from seawater and magnesium, and constructed near the equator to optimize solar energy.

maglev-2_2409537bThis is the vision of the Venus Project. Green living using renewable resources. No more pumping pollution into the atmosphere from money driven industries. Having cars that run solely on batteries, that technology already exists but is owned by oil companies who for profit margins won’t implement it publicly. eliminating resource wasteful travel like planes and boats. The Japanese yet again are four steps ahead of the rest of the world with their “Floating” train. This train hits 310 mphs, using electromagnetic pull. No wheels, no gas, no emissions, just pure clean speed from destination to another. This floating train is a Maglav train, the first of its kind, and a vision of the Venus Project. The speed of a Maglev train can be 600 plus mph, eliminating the need for commercial planes. Other transportation will drastically change also. Automobiles will be virtually obsolete except for the family vacation and emergency vehicles. Monorails will transport people around and between cities. Ships will be dual use as a transport of resources and a plant to process raw materials into a finished product all while in route.

VP3This is the future we should all want. Japan is making the proper steps to make this vision a reality. They have the MagLev train, they are building the eco-friendly city on water starting in 2025. We are conditioned to see value in money, which holds no actual value. Currency once had 1.50 grams of gold backing, actual resource value, now there is no backing and value is a mindset. Pushing past this will be a tough challenge as the banks control everything. It would take a rogue country to disenfranchise itself from the rest of the world to show this thought, the Venus Project can work, will work, and is the way we should live.  That country does exist and in 2025 Japan will start to pass the world, and the United states by as the future standard for all of mankind. By Steve Kish


10 Responses to "The Venus Project, The Future We Should All Want"

  1. msmith72   February 19, 2014 at 10:10 am

    Great article but riddled with grammar and spelling errors.

  2. Jonathon   July 3, 2013 at 11:14 am

    About the animal’s, Fresco was still in talks with animal rights group for a alternative and said he would be open to discussions. Animal lovers alike always say we shouldn’t do something but the only alternative they give is something that doesn’t taste like what we are losing. Maybe cloning meat would be better but then you have moral minded people saying that is wrong. We are cloning human organs not sure why we couldn’t clone a leg or t-bone. Without knowing our resources this will never work so that should be the first thing that we should try to do. For example our food production, according to the 2013 World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics, is enough to provide everyone in the world with 2600 cal a day diet. I don’t eat 2600 calories and I’m perfectly fine. We have also discovered a new way to filter ocean water. If you want to know more I currently run a magazine on all our advancements that can make this project a reality called Reads Presents – The Human Evolution (T.H.E.) by Jonathon André Lee ( on FlipBoard. Check it out if you want to keep up to date on current technologies that can help us evolve from our current form of thinking and living. We need to unite so we can make the planet the paradise it was meant to be.

  3. J. Mag   June 16, 2013 at 1:48 am

    Great article, thank you.

  4. Grace Marie   March 20, 2013 at 12:18 am

    I noticed the movie made no mention of animals. What happens to them? Is future society vegetarian and animals extinct?

  5. JohnnyCook   February 21, 2013 at 6:45 am

    And sorry for all the typing errors. I hope you’ll get it.

  6. JohnnyCook   February 21, 2013 at 6:41 am

    OK, reading first part of this arcitle I remember first time I watched it. Full of emotions, wierd feeling both peace and anger, courious, needing more info. First of all – not all information in Zeitgeist 1,2 and Addendum are true. However – one thing I absolutely agree with is, taht the bank (and financil world in general) is so complicated. Few people really understand all mechanism. Enocomy is still studied. We people have invented it, but we don’t fully understand it yet. Funny

    Second – The Venus Project. Don’t just repeat what you hear and see. Think about it. I saw practicly everything about it 😀 The system’s idea is not removing money. The idea is to use our knowledge and technology to create abundance to all people all over the world. This is technically possible, but the transfer from current system is not possible in my opinion. First this system must crash. And I think it is just matter of time. It’s only about us how far to hell we will let it continue 😀

    Continuing trough your article I basicly agree with all. Education has a key importance, renewable resources – nothing new. It was pssible 40 years ago. Problem is that 3 trillion dollars under ground in form of oil. Using sun, wind, waves, heat from Earth could sustain our energy need for a looooong time.

    I would like to see The Venus Project or something similar in action in my life. I am 24 so I hope I will. It will not be perfect, no system is or will be. But I think it could be better than this. Going to useless work every day, be unhappy because of this idiot system, repairing computers which are made to break down just after warranty (no joke. underdimmensioned in purpose), seeing all robot-people around me with basicly no life, just waiting for death, complaining about politics and drinking gallons of beers (greetings from the Czech Republic btw.). I am sick of it and I want change. I am trying. And I am glas someone is trying too. At least by informing theirs friends about The Venus Project.

    Sorry for my English and contratulations to all who made it to the end.

  7. Milos Cvjeticanin   February 14, 2013 at 4:26 am

    I hope that the establishment won’t manage to suppress the Venus Project and prevent us to have a decent future, far away from this barbarian society we have today!

  8. matt   February 13, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    this is spreding around insanely fast, i always hear, watch zeitgeist watch zeitgeist! it made me cry, thanks for the article

  9. Mamma D   February 13, 2013 at 7:21 am

    I’m a 65 yr old gramma who has (and will continue) to support The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement and a Resource Based Economy 100% Victor Hugo said something like “nothing can stop an idea who’s time has come.” May a Resource Based Economy BE that idea. We cracked the cocoon in the 60’s and this generation can finally become The Butterfly. Find out more by visiting the sites. There’s many videos and lectures. Or just enter their names on YT and WOW, there’s plenty. Time to graduate lil’ brothers and sisters because technology is currently in very scary hands. Love and respect, Mamma D “^_^”

  10. Scott Rbe   February 13, 2013 at 3:26 am

    Excellent article, thanks for writing about The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement. I would be interested in hearing more on the subject from you in future.

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