Kim and Kourtney Kardashian discuss sex involving Scott Disick

It appears that all Kim could think about is how thin she was before she got pregnant!

Kourtney may have to watch herself, Britney seems to be nipping at her ankles.

Kim Kardashian was concerned about how little time Kourtney spent with Scott Disick. She said, “He’s gonna cheat on you and it’ll be your fault…You just don’t put in any effort. You’re going to lose him. No joke. You’re literally going to end up, like, alone.”

Is not the first time that Kourtney ditched Scott for her kids, but this time it looks like she is going overboard. Lets not forget that Britney Spears, fancies Kourtney Kardashian’s man, Scott Disick! She only split with fiancé Jason Trawick, in January, but Britney Spears already has her eye on someone else: Kourtney Kardashian’s man, Scott Disick!

Some might think it’s rich, that Kim’s giving advice to anyone. But, most would agree it’s important for couples to strike a balance between their children and their relationship. Scott Disick, even goes to Khloe for some advice, on how to keep the relation young and fresh.

Kim Kardashian has not only been busy taking Miami, but she see has been dealing with the many pregnancy issues that every woman has to deal with. Kim posted on her “Mommy Blog: Dressing During Early Stages of Pregnancy” on Friday afternoon:

“Hi guys! So I wanted to do a mommy blog today, to talk about fashion during the early stages of a pregnancy. For me, I’ve found that I’ve gained inches and I’ve gotten wider but my belly hasn’t popped yet, so I struggle finding things that don’t make me look heavy. Some days my baby bump really shows, and some days it doesn’t… so I never really know what I’m going to look like. At this stage I guess I’m more focused on concealing the weight gain than I am about dressing the bump, just because it hasn’t popped yet. My new J Brand maternity jeans are a blessing because they make me feel slim and comfortable, and I’m excited to try other looks! I heard Jet makes some amazing maternity jeans too. Once I start showing more I’ll be all about showing off my bump, and I can’t wait! I’m definitely having a lot of fun with my maternity fashion and love trying new things. I want to share my pregnancy fashion tips with other expecting moms out there and I know it’s different for everyone; some women start showing sooner, others don’t start showing until later, but I want to share my own personal experiences with you guys along the way 🙂 Does anyone know any good dressing tips for pregnancy? Xo”
I hardly look pregnant! Lol

Sharing some pre-preggers photos on Instagram, on Feb. 28, it appears that all Kim could think about is how thin she was before she got pregnant!

Being pregnant, Kim is being photographed more than usual lately, showing off all of her pregnancy outfits to the world. Although she wasn’t afraid to tell Cosmopolitan magazine’s April issue, that “I’ll definitely be up there” in the pregnancy pounds, maybe the weight gain is harder for her than she thought it would be.

TMZ reported that Kim, is excited to start nesting, once renovations are finished to their new home. I’m sure, Kris Jenner, will throw them a massive (televised, of course!) house warming party once it’s all said and done. Kim and Kanye have apparently had three offers in the last few weeks from people wanting to buy the house. The highest offer was reportedly $10.5 million!

A source revealed to the site that the couple is hell bent on moving in once it’s finished in a few months. They have turned down all the offers thus far. The main residence will be 14,000 square feet once all is said and done.

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