American Idol viewers voted off the wrong guy

American Idol viewers voted off the wrong guy

 American Idol viewers voted off the wrong guy

The hit reality show and singing competition American Idol has yet again sent home a talented young singer who should have not been voted off. Or at least not yet, unemployed teenager Burnell Taylor of Louisiana tried his best while performing India Arie’s “Ready For Love” during last night’s elimination round to win over the judges. Hoping the judges would move to use their single save to unanimously save him from elimination but they did not.

Burnell who received some criticism on his performance Wednesday night, was still expected to survive elimination on Thursday. Burnell’s departure was a shock to everyone from the judges to the audience, there was not a dry eye in the house after Ryan Seacrest read that the talented singer was going home. Mariah Carey was also seen crying after hearing that Burnell was voted off, as was Nicki Minaj who had to turn from the camera because of her cheeks being drenched in tears.

So, who did America instead decide to vote for, perhaps America felt sympathy for Florida native Lazaro after music mogul Jimmy Lovine issued him and fellow contestant Angie some tough criticism. Both performed Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Jimmy Lovine said that Lazaro and Angie both murdered their rendition’s of the song and compared the two to bad wedding singers.

“I would have cancelled the wedding. They completely missed the point of the song. Freddie Mercury would never have written a song the way they sang it,” the music mogul said.

Burnell did not exactly win over the mogul either, as Lovine said, “He gave rock a bad name last night…it sounded like the band was playing on east coast time and he was singing on west coast time,” of Burell’s performance of “Behind the Beat” with Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name.”

Still, the mogul disagreed with Lazaro being placed in the top three and Burnell in the bottom three as did all four of the judges. Before it was announced who was going home Lovine said, “There can only be one person going home tonight and that’s Lazaro.”

It was a shocking night on Idol as America sent the wrong contestant home and instead gave another a free pass.

This begs the question now, does America really vote based on talent or is American Idol one big popularity contest? It is suppose to be a singing competition where the best singer wins or was the best singer just voted off while the mediocre one was given a pass. Perhaps the judges should have more leverage in choosing who goes home and who doesn’t.

Maybe even have a voting system like on Dancing with the Stars where contestants gets scores from both the judges and viewers who are watching.

Many viewers don’t bother and have given up on watching American Idol because so many talented artists have been voted off time and time again. As many have also questioned if the hit show was rigged with it’s voting.

So did America get it wrong and send the wrong contestant home this week, next week we may know as Lazaro will have the chance to redeem himself and maybe show that he does deserve to be on American Idol.

As for the judges they each have their own top three, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban have both picked Kree, Angie and Amber; as Mariah Carey chose Candice, Amber and Kree; Lovine chose Angie, Kree and Candice and Randy Jackson has chosen Candice.

-Kelly J Newson