Nevada Hopes to Draw in Tourists with new Slogan

1979358906_b37b4e10c2_oBy Dawn Cranfield

Nevada Hopes to Draw in Tourists with new Slogan

Nevada is once again changing the state slogan in hopes of drawing tourists to the region to spend their hard-earned cash.  Nevada State Tourism unveiled the new slogan “Nevada. A world within. A state apart.”

While Chris Baum, CEO of the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA), thinks the slogan is a great match for the recently unveiled Northern Nevada slogan “All seasons – 1,000 reasons”, he certainly must be simply being politically correct.  Most people I have asked are merely scratching their heads.

While they understand the tagline for the Reno-Tahoe area regarding the seasons and reasons, as there is a plethora of activities in the area, many do not know what is meant by the Nevada State Tourism slogan.  Mostly, it seems negative; it appears Nevada is segregated from the rest of the United States and is not part of a cohesive and contiguous neighbor of Utah, California, Oregon, or bildeArizona – “A state apart”, from what?

As far as being “A state apart”, every state wants tourists to believe they are unique and they would have to come there to experience something they cannot anywhere else. Since the proliferation of casinos on reservation property, Nevada has lost the cornerstone they once preserved.  Quickie divorces are no longer a draw because laws have eased in other states and many people do not even marry in the first place, so no need to come to Reno for six weeks and have the ceremonial ring toss into the Truckee River, either.

Nevada does not have The Grand Canyon, Disneyland, Mount Rushmore, or even the biggest ball of yarn.  So, they rely on catchy slogans and ad campaigns to draw in the visitors.  RSCVA has a $650,000 (a portion of Nevada’s $3 million branding and marketing advertising budget) eight-week ad campaign focusing on the “All seasons – 1,000 reasons” tagline with promos starting next week in San Francisco, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

As confusing as Nevada’s new slogan is, I suppose it could be worse; here is a look at some other states’ past and present slogans:

  • Arkansas – The Natural State (Aren’t they all?)
  • California – Find Yourself Here (Too much smoke in the 60s?)
  • Colorado – Enter a Higher State (See “California”)
  • Iowa – Is this Heaven? (Doubtful)
  • Kansas – Land of Ahhs [Pronounced Oz] (clever)
  • Kentucky – Where Education Pays (Huh?)
  • South Carolina – Smiling Faces. Beautiful Places. (Two for the price of one?  See South Dakota)
  • South Dakota – Great Faces. Great Places.  (Two for the price of one?  See South Carolina)
  • Washington – Say WA! (UGH. OMG!)

RenoOf course, Nevada wants to make sure tourists know they are coming to a state unlike any other; when Governor Brian Sandoval spoke about the new slogan, he was shown in front of a picture of the new slogan, it also touts the line “We’re unlike any other state in the union.  We are Nevada.”

Good thing they clarified.

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