Terrorism in Boston, Obama Lies Again

Benghazi, IRS, AP Oh My
Twin bombs ripped through the end of the Boston Marathon, near the finish line, injuring at least 141 people and killing three, including an 8-year-old boy. Hundreds of spectators fled the scene while others helped carry victims to help. President Barack Obama, who was careful not to use the word “terrorism,” said he had directed the “full resources of the federal government” to help protect the people of Boston following twin bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Obama assured the nation that although “we do not know who did it or why,” authorities would get to the bottom of the attack. Speaking from the White House Monday evening, Obama reacted to the tragic attack in Boston by vowing, “We will find out who did this, and we will hold them accountable.” Obama said federal resources also will help increase security across the United States and aid the investigation into who was behind the attack.

Whenever a bomb goes off killing innocent people and it is not dropped by an airplane but rather laying in wait, that it Terrorism. President Obama will never admit it was a terrorist attack because he wants history to claim there was never a terrorist attack on his watch. Yes, it is true, Obama sees everything through political eyeglasses. Even if someone yells Allah Akbar before shooting, Obama calls it workplace violence.

The mayor of Chicago wants the left to not let this tragedy go to waste. Moments after the blasts the media and the hordes of Leftist Progressives told us it was the work of right wing extremists. Blame it on the Republicans, is the mantra of the Left. The fact is that anytime the Leftist Progressives point the finger at the Republicans, it is usually because the Democrats are the ones at fault. I am not saying it was a Leftist Progressive who planted that bomb, I am saying it was a Terrorist who planted those bombs. There were other bombs that did not explode. The one observation I can make is that these terrorist acts, that include bombs as their weapon of choice, have happened in Leftist Progressive no gun zones. Where were the police? Have we not learned that when you promote liberty, as this race was doing, you invite haters. They should have had bomb sniffing dogs looking for bombs at the starter gate as well as the finish line.

The one thing both Terrorists and the Leftist Progressives have in common is they both hate Liberty and Freedom. I want to go on record asking the police to please use bomb sniffing dogs whenever an event, that has a very large group of people, is promoting Liberty or Freedom. Terrorists hate Liberty and hate Freedom. Terrorists love the fact that they have the American people scared, that is their goal. The one big win the Terrorists won was the fact we must jump through hoops to get on an airplane. they love to hear stories about children and elders being humiliated by the TSA. Terrorists do not want to see happy people being free, having fun and worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ. That would be a form of torture to the terrorists living in Gitmo, Cuba. If the guards forced them to watch Americans having fun and enjoying Liberty and going to a Christian Church, the terrorist prisoners would feel as though they were being tortured. The Leftist Progressives would leap to their defense saying the United States is torturing the prisoners.

The bottom line is you can take away the guns, you even take away the knives, and you can even make bombs illegal. Wait, I think bombs are already illegal. So the question begs, if you made bombs illegal, how did four bombs get planted? The Leftist Progressives who want to steal our guns say that we will be safer, they also said if we make bombs illegal we will be safer. Ask the people of Boston if they are safe from bombs. The evidence is clear, people kill people. The gun is just a tool just like knives and bombs.