Tsarnaev brothers battle with police began over a week ago

Tsarnaev brothers battle with police began over a week ago

What Don’t We Know About the Boston Marathon Bombers?

When the Tsarnaev brothers began their battle with police over a week ago, we thought we had all the answers.  We were told that they were driving a green Honda when they shot and killed MIT campus policeman Sean Collier a week ago Thursday.  Afterwards they carjacked a Mercedes SUV, and were planning to go to New York City.  The owner of the Mercedes escaped, and told officers his phone was left in the vehicle and the SUV was equipped with a ‘homing device’.  This led to a chase by police where gunshots were exchanged and pipe bombs were thrown at officers from the carjacked vehicle.

Eventually, the suspects used the SUV as a barricade and engaged in a firefight with police.  The older brother, age 26, attempted to throw a bomb at the police and was shot several times, resulting in his death.  The younger brother, age 19, re-entered the vehicle, backed up over his brother, and made his escape.  He was found on Friday evening, curled up in a boat in the backyard of a Watertown resident, and eventually captured.

The report said both brothers abandoned the green Honda, and were planning to escape in the Mercedes.  Then, why was the green Honda in proximity to the SUV when the firefight began?

Photographs obtained by NBC News and eyewitness accounts given to NBC News producers indicate that both a green Honda and black Mercedes SUV were parked at the scene of the Watertown shooting. Several people who were near the scene that night said the Honda was positioned behind the Mercedes.

Was it the same Honda reportedly abandoned by the brothers?  Was there a third person involved?  Or was it a coincidence?

We know that prisoners captured in Iraq told their captors anything to escape torture.  Are the details told to the FBI before Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was Mirandized the truth, or merely “telling them what they wanted to hear”?

And will we ever know the truth?  Someone had to finance the lifestyle of the brothers in the United States.  Although they don’t appear to be elaborate, they had the freedom to explore destructive practices while living a relatively normal lifestyle.

Is our own government once again hiding the truth from the American people?

I am the last person who believes in conspiracy theories.  I don’t mean to insinuate that there have never been any, but most are the wild imaginings of anti-social and anti-government individuals.  But sometimes they are real.

Our government often believes that it’s better for the public not to know the complete facts in certain situations.  That’s why we were in Iraq, and are still in Afghanistan.  But they make a terminal mistake by hiding the truth.  When it is eventually revealed, and it always is, the American public will lose another percentage of trust in the government.

Look at the statistics presently.  The people of the United States of America have less than 20% trust in our legislators.  They’re right to feel that way, but it is also very sad.

So, where does that place us as a nation?  Our government, mandated by the Constitution to be representative of its citizens is not.  It dictates to us what will happen to the people of our nation.

But, don’t be alarmed.  They will convince us that everything they do is “for the good of the people”.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express