Amanda Bynes Wackiest Moment Last Week (Poll)

Amanda Bynes Poll

Amanda Bynes was very busy last week. Looking back at the amount of times that she was in the news for another wacky moment made us ask the question, “What was her wackiest moment last week?”

Since she was so busy we decided to ask you, which moment stood out the most for you? In case you’ve forgotten Amanda’s highlights from last week, here is a recap.

1. Amanda got refused entry to a private jet because she didn’t have and identification on her, she asked the pilot to google her for id. Understandably he refused.

2. After the private jet incident, which obviously stressed the poor gal out, she went home and allegedly smoked some pot to relax. The cops were called and when they arrived, she allegedly threw her bong out the window. End result? She got arrested.

3. Once Amanda saw her “mug shots,” the 27 year-old decided that she needed to change her life or, at the very least, her nose and her wig stylist. With her mind made up she told the “Twitter-verse” all about it.

4. Obviously, Amanda was going through “pot” withdrawal, or she missed her favorite vase/bong, so she decided to pick on singer Rihanna. Tweeting that Chris Brown beat her because she was ugly started a very short Twitter brawl.

5. Bynes also got on Twitter to claim that her arrest was all about the NYPD sexually harassing her and that an officer had “slapped her vagina” the day previously and her arrest was down to that incident.

6. She then tweeted to the world that she was going “to sue everybody.” Her definition of everybody seemed to only include the NYPD and her building management.

7. She stiffed a cab driver who drove her home seven dollars, after she’d borrowed the money from her lawyer.

8. She tweeted that she was a millionaire and retired and just wanted the world to leave her alone.

So all in all, Amanda Bynes had some of the wackiest moments last week and we’ve just recounted some of them!

We are pretty sure we’ve missed a few. The girl is very, very active on Twitter and when she’s not picking on poor Rihanna and Jenny McCarthy, she is having a go at ugly people or dancing dangerously close to being racist.

Since Amanda has been so busy this last week, we are sure that we’ve missed a few. And although a lot of what she got up to last week was vastly entertaining, we also feel like she is trying awfully hard to get extra attention.

If attention is her goal, she’s succeeded brilliantly. She’s done so well, we decided to run a poll to see which of her antics would be considered the most memorable by you, the public. You get to see Amanda at her worst and funniest. There must be one moment from the last week that had you in fits of laughter. Or perhaps you were left shaking your head in wonderment.

Either way, we’d like to know what you think Amanda Bynes wackiest moment was from last week. Like our other entertainment polls, this one is just for fun, but we are dying to see what escapade you think was her wackiest. We’ve listed the ones that stood out to us, but maybe you have a favourite that we’ve missed.

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By Michael Smith


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