Amanda Byrnes Ejected From Jet Because of No ID

Amanda Bynes

TMZ has reported that Amanda Byrnes was ejected from a private jet because of no ID. But of course who need ID when you’re a famous celebrity?

Ms Byrnes tried to board a private jet at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey to fly to Los Angeles California but she was put off the plane after she was asked to prove who she was and as she had no ID at all, she was ejected.

Amanda was confused and she explained to the pilot that, “her driver’s license had been suspended.” She just could not understand how a celebrity such as herself could get rejected over not having any identification.

Then in a hilarious version of the old, “Don’t you know who I am,” schtick she asked that the pilot Google her! Then when he wouldn’t put her name in the old search bar, she screamed “I’m Amanda Bynes!” Unfortunately for her, the pilot didn’t believe her at the louder explanation of who she was, because she still had no “real” identification.

The suspended driver’s license is old news by now, she pled no contest to charges of driving on a suspended license and was placed on three years probation. So obviously she didn’t drive to the airport, or did she?

Before Amanda moved to New York last year, she managed to get herself arrested and charged with a DUI and was accused of at least two hit-and-runs. Since she’s been in the big apple, the former Nickelodeon star has been featured in the headlines repeatedly for inexplicable, strange and worrisome behavior, and for tweeting photos of herself and her transformation.

Presumably, like a lot of “grown” child actors, the one time wholesome teen now wants to resemble stripper Black Chyna or at least a more sultry and soiled version of her teen self.

Amanda loves to use Twitter to, apart from posting pictures of herself in less that a favourable light, attack those that she has dubbed “haters” for not agreeing with her lifestyle choices and call them various names. Some of these names border on being racist and she is not shy about talking about all those “ugly” people.

It will be interesting to see how the twitter-happy Amanda tweets about this latest escapade. No doubt that since the pilot wouldn’t let her on the jet, he will become one of those “ugly” haters who have it in for her. It is doubtful that she appreciated his gesture of ringing the airport officials to see if they would give the celebrity an exemption, just this once.

With the obvious ‘no’ that came back and with Ms Byrne’s screaming out, “I am Amanda Byrnes!” One can well imagine that if the other occupants of the airport didn’t know who she was, they would have, at least, been entertained by the little spectacle and possibly would later tweet their friends and family about the funny lady who got chucked off the jet.

We think that her big mistake was to ask the pilot to google her. If she’d said to check Twitter, he’d have seen her over one million followers and checked out her self-posted pictures and known instantly who she was.

So take our advice Amanda, next time, ask the pilot to tweet you.

By Michael Smith


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  1. Michael Reigies   May 23, 2013 at 5:43 pm

    Just another psychotic has been….and apparently never will be again, thank god!!!

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