Bangladesh factory collapse death toll rises to 1034

bangladesh factory collapse
Ransa Plaza, the 11 –story garment factory building near Dhaka collapsed on April 24. Dhaka Officials are now saying that 1,034 bodies have been recovered from the remnants of the demolished building. Moreover, officials warn that presently, they are unaware of the exact number of people still trapped inside the scattered factory.

The accident reported as one of the worst Garment industrial accidents in history. “Approximately 2500 people were injured and 2437 were rescued from the disaster building”. Officials said.

The rubble shifting and the recovery procedures expected to be completed on Friday.

The disaster raised an alarm against deadly working condition of Bangladeshis in the garment industry.

Records indicate that Bangladesh generates $20 billion in profits for itself and its partners in the garment sector, and exports it’s clothe to global retailers.

The Rana Plaza building was already blamed for its shoddy construction and the negligence of building safety regulations.

Senior police officer, Z.A. Morshed, Sohel Mostafa Swapan, a politician, and Mahbubur Rahman, the factory managing Director along with Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association board director were also included in the victims list.

Mr. Mahbubur Rahman, was planning to contest next year’s parliamentary election as the candidate of the ruling party. When the fire broke out, they had been discussing the upcoming election, according to Independent TV, a local Bangladeshi TV channel.

Mamun Mahmud, The deputy director of the fire service says, “All of this is really unfortunate”

Approximately, 1034 dead bodies were recovered from the debris of the fallen factory. And 650 of those bodies were handed over to the relatives of the victims.

A number of dead bodies were decomposed. Nevertheless, they were identified by their mobile phones and ID cards found in their clothing or close by.

“Most of the dead were female garment workers”. Army Captain Shahnewaz Zakaria said.

According to the AFP news agency, officials collected the DNA samples from the victims, which can be used for the compensation claims by family members.

Heading rescue operations, Brigadier-General Siddiqul Alam was quoted as saying, “During the rescue operations, officials found many workers under stairwell and staircase. When the building started to demolish the workers found safety under staircases.”

“The engulfed fire created immense quantity of smoke and poisonous gas, the suffocated victims ran towards the lower floors, but they were closed on that day” Mr. Mahmud, the deputy director of the fire service said.

“The building had an emergency exit in the back and two stairwells in the front; when the fire started and smoke filled the floor, people panicked and ran to the front stairwell. If they had used emergency exit, they would have survived”. Mr. Mahmud said.

Even after 17 days of the building collapse, the rescuers pulled out a woman alive from the ruins of the garment factory.

Bindu Jacob

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