Benghazi and Politics Continue Under Leadership of Boehner and McConnell

lobbyist win, you lose
Wednesday’s testimony about the attack on the United States Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012, revealed little more than what we already knew.  But, the political right is working hard to politicize it as Boehner and McConnell continue the kind of leadership that seeks to blame Obama for Benghazi.

Egregious mistakes were made at the expense of four U.S. citizens, who lost their lives, including Ambassador Stevens.  Extreme right wingers, and just plain Obama haters, are attempting to spin the events into a conspiracy.

Republicans are good at milking incidents that occur while Democrats are in control of the White House and Congress.  Although the issue has revealed matters that must be resolved, the tragedy is over, and there is more to do in Washington than attempting to place the President at the center of what are actually a series of errors and misjudgment by State Department employees, and the military.

This waste of time demonstrates a major difference between the two parties.

Republicans will regurgitate an issue for days, weeks, and months, hoping to gain a political advantage.  Democrats should learn a lesson from them.

When Bush was President, the policies created by Him, Dick Cheney, and Karl Rove, were unanimously ‘rubber-stamped’ by the Republican controlled Congress.  Policies that cost thousands of American lives, and billions of American dollars were not once criticized by the right.  And those policies were enacted while telling direct lies to the American public.

If I were a Democrat, and had the political power, I would still be asking why Bush was not impeached.  I would also ask why the World Court in Hague has not charged the three of them with war crimes.  I would never stop talking about what a Republican administration did to the Country.  There’s enough fuel to keep that fire going for 20 years.

But Democrats act differently.  I’m not saying their actions a more admirable, just different.  They offer ideas.  They promote change where change is necessary, or effective towards enhancing the lives of the average man.

If you think you are reading an article written by a Democrat, you would be wrong.  I am a ‘fence sitter’, leaning slightly more to the left because I worked for a living.

But I have been watching the deterioration of the G.O.P. for the past 20 years.  It began with Gingrich and his hypocritical “contract with America”, and continues under the non-leadership of Boehner and McConnell.  Where have all the true Republicans gone?

The G.O.P. is made of two factions, the old white men, and the younger radicals of the TEA Party, and the latter is controlling their non-action.

When I was in school, I had an economics instructor who proffered a line we have all heard and I have continued to follow throughout my life seeking the truth.  “Follow the money.”

This horrific story about Benghazi is about the 2014 elections, and nothing more.  There is not a single Republican who cares about finding solutions to prevent a re-occurrence of such an attack.  They are looking for campaign contributions.  They are bowing to lobbies, knowing that if they act as they are told, the money will overfill their briefcases.

Democrats have noticed this.  Before they vote on issues, they are careful to look at the polls in their own states.  Instead of voting for the common good of the entire Country, their votes are aimed at re-election.

Questions need to be answered, and guilty parties reprimanded.  But our Nation has more pressing problems.

I beg the Speaker to cease posturing and lead the House, which in reality is his only job.  Pass important and meaningful legislation by compromising and negotiating with both sides of the aisle.

All Americans deserve a better government, but most of us can’t afford to buy one.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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