Brenda Heist’s Daughter Angry Tweet “I Hope You Rot in Hell”


Daughter Tells Mother, “I Hope You Rot in Hell”

Daughter Tells Mother, “I Hope You Rot in Hell”

The story of Brenda Heist, the woman who abandoned her family 11-years-ago, may not have a ‘happy ending’. A tweet proclaiming “I hope you rot in hell” may say it all.

Morgan Heist says: “I don’t think she deserves to see me,” the 20-year-old told CNN’s Piers Morgan on Thursday night. “I don’t really have any plans on going to see her.”

Brenda dropped her children off at school in Lititz Borough, Pennsylvania, 11-years-ago, and vanished. She was going through a divorce, and was distraught about her finances. She had been turned away when she sought housing assistance.

After she dropped her children, off, she went to a park. Two women and a man found her crying, and told her they were hitchhiking to southern Florida. She joined them, and never contacted her family again until last week when she walked into a Key Largo police station. She told the officer her real name, and he found her listed as “missing or dead”.

“That makes me really mad,” Morgan Heist said. “I can’t believe she would do that because she was a good mom. She was great. But, I mean, I guess something happened. Something snapped in her. “

Her father said he understands his daughter’s angry emotion.

“I don’t see where it would do any good for either of us to see her again,” Lee Heist said.

Brenda said she was homeless for the first couple of years, and would eat food thrown away by restaurants after they closed. The next seven years, she lived with a man in a camper. They performed odd jobs to sustain themselves. The last two years she spent “on the streets” once more.

Lee Heist had become a suspect after her disappearance. He was later cleared. But he said that life became difficult for him because some neighbors would not let their children play with his while he was under suspicion.

Lee had Brenda declared legally dead a few years ago, and is now remarried. He said that he believes he will be able to forgive her in time.

It may not be as easy for her daughter.

“I hope to eventually forgive her one day for myself, not for her,” Morgan Heist said.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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