Burger King Thieves, Gabriel Gonzalez and Jeremy Lovitt Lose Car

Robbers lose car

It was a simple plan.  They would leave their car running, dash inside the Burger King, take the money from the registers, run back out, and speed away.  Then there was a small glitch, the thieves lost their car.

Gabriel Gonzalez, 19, and Jeremy Lovitt, 23, entered a Stockton Burger King Monday evening.  As they were coming in, an employee snuck out the back door.  The armed robbers proceeded to take the money from the registers.  The employee realized the car left with the engine running was theirs, and drove it around the corner.

As Gonzalez and Lovitt exited the fast food restaurant, their car was nowhere to be found.  They took off running, only to be captured by police in a field a few blocks away.

“I haven’t heard of any employee actually leaving a business, getting inside the suspect vehicle, and trying to hide it,” says a Stockton officer.

Gonzalez and Lovitt were charged with armed robbery.

The Burger King employee remains unidentified.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express