Obama and Christie Display Why our Government is Broken

Jersey shore repair

This article will make me look like a “cock-eyed” optimist again, and that’s probably because I want to be.  President Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie were on “the Boardwalk” together Tuesday.  What they appear to be doing is attempting to make government work for the people, and why it is broken, but could be mended.

They met on the New Jersey shore once before, right after “Super Storm Sandy” destroyed much of the state’s coastline.  Christie was criticized by his Republican cohorts for compliments he gave regarding the President’s promises to help repair his state, and again later, when he kept his promises.  I’m sure today’s meeting will once again infuriate the “Obama haters.”

What I see, but then I believe I am a reasonable man, is a demonstration of the way government used to work.  Former Senator Bob Dole, who actually worked with his Democratic brothers, said that the RNC should close the door, and put a sign on it saying “closed for reconstruction.”  He is 100% right.

Before the storm, Christie’s approval ratings were in the 50’s.  After he worked with the President to plan financing and repairs for the devastation, it climbed to 72%.  Republican obstructionists in Congress received only a 22% rating.

The President won New Jersey by 17 percentage points last November.  Of the state’s Democratic voters, a huge percentage, 42, say they will vote for Christie who is up for reelection the end of this year.

Christie has support from Democratic voters, and political constituents alike.

“Way too early” polls have been taken to ask voters who they would vote for in 2016 in the Republican effort to regain the White House.

The initial polls displayed a huge support for Christie.  Condemnation by fellow Republicans for his “bipartisan” efforts with the President, have succeeded in narrowing the margin between the governor and potential rivals.  Of all other possible hopefuls, Rand Paul, who has been campaigning for the Presidency for months in some form or other, has made the largest gains.

Polls of all voters, Republican, Democratic, and Independents alike, show results that are a little surprising.  Christie is the only possible Republican who might effectively challenge Hillary Clinton, should she choose to run.

There are two factors which favor Christie over other GOP hopefuls.  He has shown that he’s willing to work with both sides of the aisle and make government work.  And Christie is an independent’s dream.

Voters like myself, who choose not to be a member of either party, are “fed-up” with partisan politics, and voters choosing a candidate entirely based on the fact that he or she has an “R” or “D” after their name on the ballot.

We independent voters vote for who we believe is the best candidate.  We refuse to be swayed by untruthful and “dirty” television ads.  Most importantly, we don’t believe what we hear.  Candidates must prove themselves worthy of my vote.

We need more interaction between members of both political parties, instead we continue to see any form of cooperation lessen.

As I said, I want to be optimistic.  I don’t foresee immediate change coming from our broken government.  I continue to hear and see posturing, and do not see ideas.

Once again, I praise the President and Governor Christie.  Working together may be ‘old fashioned’, but sometimes the ways of the past work better than the “new and improved” variety.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express

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