Drones, the price on machetes and pressure cookers

Terrorism brought a new meaning to the word weapon in our lives. The term use to be associated with a gun, a blade, a rifle or even a stone, but 9/11 redefined it. Today any object intended to damage something or somebody can be call weapon.

In recent times we have gone from planes (NYC) to pressure cookers (Boston) to machetes or kitchen knives (London). Terrorist groups, whether large organizations or copycats, have been using cheap resources to intimidate, while according with The Pentagon in 2011, the war has costed to United States $1 trillion and many experts say that the actual cost may be as much as $5 trillion. That is $64,000 every year, per family. How much longer are they prolonging this battle?

Terrorism, of course has damaged America, Spain, the UK and Canada. And the phenomenon that is facing these nations that fight against terrorism is what I call, the domestic rising of copycats or so-called terrorists, an angry small group of people attempting to bring “justice” for what is happening in muslim lands. Governments and agendas should focus on the real threat; civilians uprisings, because at the end of the day, they have the resources to catch whoever they want.

If they wanted Osama Bin Laden’s head, they should have gone and brought him to justice, but don’t start a war that now seems impossible to stop, let alone win. Moreover, the cost seems ridiculous, in terms of the amount of money and lives lost. War creates a new kind of dissidents germinating in and on American soil. Home made weapons have been effective in driving fear in the population. There were few messages left from extremists in Boston and London, they are small, unorganized and are hungry for popularity in the Muslim world.

Nations have found a new alternative for fighting; drones (unmanned aircrafts) which are less expensive, but can cause maximum damage and loss of life. This weapon kills innocent civilians. Besides that, the human rights violation is brutal, because they destroy everything on their way.

Inhabitants of the US don’t want to be on the battlefield, in a recent survey published by the New York Times, 90% percent of Americans feel threatened by the power of terrorism; but only 25 % will feel intimidated by it. This means that the population will keep on going about their busy lives. But Americans want a truce, they want to know where are their taxes going, and they want to bring the troops back home; where above all, there is peace.

By Oskar Guzmán

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