Eric Cantor vowed to obtain another vote to repeal Obamacare

Eric Cantor vowed to obtain another vote to repeal Obamacare
Eric Cantor, the majority leader in the House of Representatives has vowed to obtain another vote to repeal the Health Care Affordability Act, often called “Obamacare”, so reports Politico. Although they have voted dozens of times with no result, they’re going waste the country’s time and money knowing the result well in advance.  With no chance of passing in the Senate, and the President’s promise to veto the action, I ask a logical question.  Why?

The only conceivable answer is politicking.  Even ultra-conservatives feel the motion is unwinnable and therefore a vacuous effort.  They prefer a move by House Republican leaders to defund the health care plan, negating its effect.  But they have expressed an unwillingness to act in such a manor.

Other bills the House plans to vote on in May include the Keystone XL pipeline, requiring the SEC to conduct cost-benefit analysis of rulemaking, allowing working parents to accrue paid time off, and prioritizing payments if the debt ceiling is hit. He also plans to hold a vote on a bill to fund pediatric research at the NIH by eliminating taxpayer funding of presidential campaigns and party conventions.

Later this summer, Cantor says the GOP plans to move spending bills “through an open appropriations process,” pass the Defense Department authorization bill and “consider a Farm bill produced by the Agriculture Committee and Frank Lucas.”

One issue not mentioned by Cantor is immigration reform.  The reason may be as simple as the Republican opposition in the House to any sort of change in the present law other than an increase in border safety and protection.

There is no doubt Hispanics will take notice of that in 2014.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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