Final Fantasy VII: Best Console Game Ever?

Final Fantasy VII  Best Console Game Ever

Submit your Article: This title has long had my vote for “best console game of all time.” Dynamic characters, uniquely interactive gameplay and an intricate narrative give FFVII an allure like magic. I’ve never felt more immersed in a Sci-Fi world.

The gamer controls Cloud Strife, an ex-Soldier who has unknowingly assumed someone else’s identity through implanted memories. He’s hired by a group called Avalanche. Their sworn mission is to save the planet Gaia from the mega corp., Shinra Electric Company, who are sucking up the planet’s Lifestream for power and material gain.

In the city of Midgar, where the game begins, I was fully sucked in by the characters. Upon reaching the point where Cloud and his companions leave Midgar to go after Sephiroth, the story’s main antagonist, I was amazed that there was an entire virtual globe to explore, with a GPS map that marked all the places I could eventually go.

The game lets you fully navigate the planet. You visit various towns and other interesting places; cross oceans to other continents; and even take a skyrail to an amusement park in the sky.

This groundbreaking story delves into some deep philosophical and scientific ideas from mind control and experimentation with alien genetics to transmigration of souls.

Did I mention the characters? The best part about this game is how they come alive at your fingertips. Each character has unique motivations and a detailed past. These mesh together to form some unforgettable relationships and character conflicts.

Is there a downside?

Unfortunately, FFVII isn’t for everyone. The gamer must absorb an amount of reading comparable to a lengthy graphic novel, and VII doesn’t feature voice acting like the later titles. Also, some gamers despise the classic RPG style of time-based (or turn-based) battles in order to advance in the game. I’ll admit to being somewhat bored playing through certain stretches of the game, but once the story got going, I was totally sucked in and couldn’t let go.

The game takes time, patience, and skill to get through, but this one’s well worth it, especially if you’re into Cyberpunk and Science Fantasy.

Written By: Radford Lee