Hillary Clinton Unscathed by Benghazi Tragedy

Hillary Clinton

While Republicans have been devoting 100% of their time in Washington attempting to spin the Benghazi tragedy into a 2016 defeat for Hillary Clinton, according to a recent poll, she is unscathed by their pathetic attempts.

A Public Policy Poll showed the majority of voters trust Hillary more than the GOP in regards to the mistakes made in Benghazi.  She continues to show a net +8 favorability rating.

What they don’t trust is that Republicans will take effective action on Immigration and reforming the gun laws.  Most think that members of the GOP will either suppress efforts to pass a comprehensive immigration plan, or weaken it until it becomes little more than what we presently possess.

They also believe that 100% of Republicans will continue to align themselves with the NRA lobby and vote against any reform in gun control, no matter how minimal.

Those polled considered both above issues, Immigration and gun control, to be far more important than the events of September 11, 2012, by a 56-38, and 52-44 margin, respectively.

41% of Republicans say they consider this to be the biggest political scandal in American history to only 43% who disagree with that sentiment. Only 10% of Democrats and 20% of independents share that feeling.  Republicans think by a 74-19 margin that Benghazi is a worse political scandal than Watergate, by a 74-12 margin that it’s worse than Teapot Dome, and by a 70-20 margin that it’s worse than Iran Contra.

A very interesting fact about the 41% who believe this is the worst scandal in American history is that 39% of them don’t actually know where it is.  10% think it’s in Egypt, 9% in Iran, 6% in Cuba, 5% in Syria, 4% in Iraq, and 1% each in North Korea and Liberia with 4% not willing to venture a guess.

And those same 41% had their memories erased after no WMD’s were found in Iraq.

The bottom line is that Republican outrage about Benghazi has changed nothing.  Most Americans believe that our focus should be on measures to ensure a similar incident never happens again.

The overriding issue is that the American public is not as interested as is the right wing about the mistakes that helped worsen the attack in Benghazi.  I join with them hoping Washington will do something.  This “do-nothing congress” is more irritating than all those awful things depicted in a certain television commercial.

In a plea to all of our elected, and overpaid officials, please DO YOUR JOB.  You were elected by the people of your states to represent them.  I know you think your only job is to worry about the next election, but you are badly mistaken.  And face the truth, you are why America is no longer the “greatest country in the world”.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express

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