Khleo Thomas releases new music with new project on the horizon

Khleo Thomas releases new music with new project on the horizon

Khleo Thomas releases new music with new project on the horizon

Actor and rapper Khleo Thomas has been acting since he was a young teen, most recognize him from his role as Zero in the movie ‘Holes.’ Yet many fail to recognize that Khleo has done far more roles since his role as Zero, for he has starred in such shows as Bones, Sons of Anarchy, Dorylus, Parenthood, 90210, and CSI to name a few. Khleo has also starred alongside actors Jon Voight, The Rock, Bernie Mac, Ice Cube, Mario and Melvin Van Peebles.

Khleo has done what few child actors have been able to do, cross over and become a success actor as an adult and he has maintained his integrity as an actor and man. Khleo always remains professional, doesn’t matter if he is performing or in front the camera, Khleo gives his all which contributes to his career still going strong.

Now, Khleo has been focusing more on his music but on occasion fans will still see their favorite guy on a hit TV show or in a blockbuster movie.

Khleo has released three solo mixtapes and each have all done well and Khleo has a following that backs him in everything he does. He can get his fans to get his song or mixtape trending on twitter in a matter of minutes.

Recently, Khleo collaborated with up and coming artist Chris Baston on their mixtape ‘After Everything Fades’ which is available now on iTunes and The two recently released visuals for their latest single ‘Ride’ and Khleo has hinted to his fans that an ‘After Everything Fades 2’ is in the works and recently tweeted that the project was almost completed.

So to hold fans till the project is released, Khleo has been releasing new solo music even bringing back his Freaky Khle persona and as he always does has had his songs trend on twitter within minutes. Khleo knows what his fans want and like and he delivers with each new song and/or project he releases.

Last Wednesday he released the track ‘Draya,’ a bit of a new sound for Khleo but his fans still loved it. Before ‘Draya’ Khleo released ‘She Know What She Doing’ and before releasing the song for a free download asked his fans in helping to get the song title trending on twitter. Which they did and did before the intended release time. On his track ‘She Know What She Doing’ Khleo brought back his freaky Khle persona, which drove the ladies wild as Khleo tweeted out tweets in reference to the song title. As well as retweeting his favorites that fans tweeted.

‘She Know What She Doing’ – Khleo:

‘Draya’ – Khleo:

‘Lord Have Mercy’ – Khleo:


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