Mayweather Marvelous Miracle: Brain Science?

Mayweather Marvelous Miracle: Brain Science?

The Associated Press reports today that despite a year’s absence from the sport, “Floyd Mayweather Jr. fought as if he had never left the ring” during last night’s welterweight fight.

This “marvelous win” article is great from two perspectives: 1) it highlights the very intriguing method of how boxing fights are scored (“All three judges scored the bout 117-111. The Associated Press had it 119-109.”) but 2) and still more interesting is the intricate way in how Mayweather’s body, mind, and spirit led him to the easy win over favored [citation needed] opponent Robert Guerrero.

Over at BigThink, several articles have been recently published highlighting the interesting ways in which eastern transcendental meditation can control the human mind’s response in very real ways (see, Mayweather’s win over Guerrero further emphasizes that we can no longer afford to place too much emphasis on black & white versus battles (e.g. mind v body, man v machine) and should instead focus on the REAL title fight at hand.

Congratulations to Floyd Mayweather Jr. for defeating a very worthy opponent!

Written By: Wei-wei Wang
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