‘Men in Black 4’ already has writer on board

‘Men in Black 4’ already has writer on board

'Men in Black 4' already has writer on board

Screenwriter Oren Uziel has been hired by Sony to write the fourth installment of the Men in Black franchise. Sony is hoping to have the fourth ‘Men in Black’ arrive in theaters faster than it’s third installment which did not hit theaters until a decade after the original.

Still, the film looks to star Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones yet again as well as Emma Thompson who only appeared in the beginning of the film. Barry Sonnenfeld who directed the first three in the franchise hopes that Emma Thompson has a bigger role as he was stated as saying: “I think the reason to do a sequel would be to have Emma in the movie more, She’s only in the first act [of ‘Men in Black 3’] but she’s just fantastic. And she’s a writer, so maybe she could write the sequel too! There you go.”

‘Men in Black 3’ has grossed $445 million internationally and $179 million in the U.S. when it was released, as many have also said that the third installment was the best in the franchise.


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