Miami Heat Defeat Bulls to Advance

Heat defeat Bulls


Defending NBA champions, the Miami Heat, have defeated the Chicago Bulls to advance to the Eastern Conference Championship, 94-91.

Concern over Dwayne Wade’s knee was unnecessary.  He scored 18 points and LeBron James added 23 in the series ending victory.

Down by eleven points at the half, the Heat rallied to defeat the Bulls.  The Bulls were outscored 25-14 in the fourth quarter.

Chris Bosh scored 12 points and Udonis Haslem added 10 for Miami.

The Bulls were without Derrick Rose for the 99th straight game.

The Bulls had a chance when Nate Robinson missed a 3, and Jimmy Butler faked his way free for a good look that hit the rim, before bouncing away.

Time expired, and the Heat lingered on the court in celebration. Wade held on to the game ball as he shook a few fans’ hands, and he, James and Bosh exchanged some high-fives.  They were the last three Miami players to leave the floor.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express

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