Missouri Senate Approves Gun Rights Bill

Missouri Senate Approves Gun Rights Bill

The Missouri legislature is getting closer to making it illegal to enforce federal gun control laws. The state Senate has amended and approved a bill known as the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which protects Missouri citizens’ Second Amendment Rights. The vote was 26 – yes and 6 — no. It was then sent back to the House of Representatives on May 2nd for discussion. If this bill passes, it still has to be signed by the governor before it becomes law.

Members of the House first presented this bill, HB 436, in February. It stirred up controversy from the start. To people who live in rural areas, especially for those with the only house for miles around, they see this as a vote for them. For many who live in cities, it comes across as defiant and unsafe.

The bill is lengthy but some of the highlights include: 1) allowing designated school personnel to carry concealed weapons providing they have a valid permit and undergo training, 2) lowering the minimum age for a concealed carry permit from twenty-one to nineteen years of age, 3) stipulating that anyone who is open carrying a firearm can only do so if the firearm is less than 16 inches long and the person has a valid concealed carry endorsement recognized by Missouri.

The Senate further amended the bill to include the parental supervision of minors in the proper handling, storage, and ownership of all firearms as well as promptly reporting stolen ones.

Both the Missouri House and Senate have a Republican majority. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is Democrat and currently in his second term.

At the time this article was written, no hearing date has been scheduled by the House to discuss the amended bill.

Written by: Cynthia Collins, Guardian Correspondent

Source: Missouri House of Representatives

Source: Missouri Senate

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