Multiple tornadoes touch down near Oklahoma City


At least three tornadoes have touched down near Oklahoma City, terrorizing an area that has already experienced more than its share of tornadoes this May.

170,000 people in the Midwest, according to CNN, are without power due to the supercell storms.

Hospitals are on Code Yellow, and are preparing to handle anyone who might come to them with life threatening injuries caused by the terrible spate of twisters.

Thousands of vehicles are stranded in rush hour traffic trying to head to their homes, but they are in the potential path of the super cell storms that are generating multiple tornadic circulations on the same front, according to CNN news.

Moore, Oklahoma, which was devastated by one of the most recent tornadoes to hit the state, has also had a tornado touch down near it. There was only light damage reported so far from this twister having touched down.

Mick Cornett, the mayor of Oklahoma City, said that motorists should know by now that it is “unwise” to try to get away from a tornado by getting in to your vehicle and trying to escape it.

If you are trapped in a car in slow-moving traffic, you could potentially become a sitting duck from the very tornado you are attempting to escape, a reporter on CNN stated.

There have been a lot of crashes reported on I-35 and some cars have been abandoned by the side of the road.

There is a report that CNN mentioned of two casualties as a tornado touched down and flipped a woman’s car over. The woman’s baby was also inside the vehicle and both died in the resultant crash.

According to forecasters, the powerful winds could top 80 mph when they move through Friday night.

Tom Louden, the Commander of the Salvation Army in Oklahoma City, has said that there have been many reports of people trapped in theri cars by heavy flooding.

He continued, saying also that a husband and wife team of ministers who worked for them panicked and left their homes, and found themselves in peril, trapped in their car, due to a flash flood.

One of the multiple tornadoes also touched down in El Reno, Oklahoma. There have been 3-5 inches of water reported in the last couple of hours, according to a Breaking News report on CNN.

Two fatalities have been reported so far in Oklahoma. People were earlier in the evening being advised by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol to abandon their cars and take cover.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported numerous injuries in Friday’s storms, and cars that have been flipped over or forced off of roads by the tornadoes and flood waters. Trucks have also been overturned along I-40.

Tornado activity has decreased, but there are still heavy storms in the Oklahoma City area, and it is under a Flash Flood warning.

Written by: Douglas Cobb