New Yorker Times Launches Free Writers Bootcamp

Did you ever think you might be able to write and socially interact with colleagues and fans from the comfort of your home while also earning an income? Well, there’s a new playground in town for writers of all genres and all walks of life. It’s called, New Yorker Times Magazine and it’s bound to get your creative juices flowing. Just think about it for a moment: A community of writers that write the rules. And it doesn’t matter if you’re young or older than young, you’re sure to find it wonderfully engaging, resourceful and most of all, financially expedient.

The New Yorker Times Magazine is launching its Free Writers Bootcamp. And for the sake of curiosity, it’s about:




Investigative journalism,

Personal essays,

Autobiographical essays,

Critique of a published source,

Historical times context essays,

Science articles or reports,

Business articles or reports,

Ghost stories,


Tall tales,

Fairy tales,

Local news reports,

Newspapers or magazine features

Human interest stories,




Gossip articles,

Articles covering entertainment and/or the

Tech industry

And oh, and I almost forgot, Poetry.

The New Yorker Times Free Writers Bootcamp is LaunchedNew Yorker Times is a new social website that is keen on building a social community where artist and artist lovers can freely display and exchange the fruit of their creative labor; subject to peer evaluation and governed by an appreciation of the freedoms inclusivity engenders.

The biggest surprise is their Free Writers Bootcamp program, where experienced and beginners are given an opportunity to not only enhance the quality of their product, but also a chance to earn an income.

Whether you’re a novelist, journalist, historian, editor, poet, or specialize in short stories, you’ll find that the New Yorker Times Magazine together with their sister company, The Guardian Express, have designed a wonderful Free Bootcamp experience that is loaded with all the essential tools that writers need to earn a living through online publications. In fact, once you’re certified through their generally 7 day Bootcamp program, writers can begin to earn an income as members of the New Yorker Times writing staff.

If you’re interested in qualifying, simply fill out the form below or visit and select a writer’s position from the menu list at the top of their home page.

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