Paterno Family Hurting Legacy

The Family of Joe Paterno has announced they will sue the NCAA
The Family of Joe Paterno has announced they will sue the NCAA


Legendary Penn State Football Head Coach Joe Paterno overnight became one of the most infamous figures in the history of sports next to OJ Simpson. You think that with Paterno passing away over a year ago that his legacy couldn’t get any worst. Well you’re wrong as Paterno’s own family is now hurting his legacy.

Even before the scandal came out Paterno was becoming a pathetic old man that couldn’t let go of the game.

The writing was on the wall and everyone could see it besides Paterno as over a five year period from 2000-2004 the Penn State Nittany Lions football program went 26-33. They were a shell of themselves and nowhere near the same football program they on. The fact of the matter is if we were talking about any other football coach they would have been fired.

However, Paterno at the time was a legendary college football icon. That means he has built a great following and any exit besides the one of his choosing was going to meet a lot of criticism.

That of case is the case today as Paterno was ultimately fired once everybody learned about his role in the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

According to the New York Times, Sandusky was hired by Paterno in 1969 and then in 1977 he became the defensive coordinator. Sandusky would remain in that position until 1999 when he retired after learning he wouldn’t be Penn State’s next head coach.

The scandal broke in November of 2011 after Sandusky was arrested on 52 counts of child molestation. Four of the charges were dropped leaving 48. Sandusky was then found guilty on 45 of the 48 charges and was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in jail.

What got Paterno fired was an incident that occurred on February 9th, 2002.

That night assistant coach Mike McQueary entered a locker room and heard what was sexual activity. When he looked he saw a boy being raped by Sandusky.

The next day McQueary reported the incident to Paterno who then reported it to then Athletic Director Tim Curley and Gary Schultz who was at the time senior vice president of for finance and business who also oversaw the Penn State Police. The action that was taken was that Curly and Schultz ordered Sandusky not to bring any children Second Mile charity program to the facilities.

Paterno had not only a legal obligation to report the crime, but also a moral obligation as it’s every adult’s responsibility to protect children from the harm of others.

Paterno’s family is hurting his legacy by bringing everything that happened to the forefront again via the lawsuit a lawsuit that they will file against the NCAA. According to Yahoo, a lawyer for the family made the announcement on Wednesday’s edition of Costas Tonight. The family’s problem is the NCAA’s adoption of the Freeh report and the subsequent penalties that were levied which included stripping Paterno’s legacy.

I have never heard of a bigger bunch of ignoramuses in my life. Paterno was an employee of Penn State not the head of the school, so he had not legal right to negotiate the penalties between the school and the NCAA.

That is not might point though.

My point is the simple fact that Paterno threw his legacy out the window the day he decided to shrug his shoulders, decided to use well I told my boss excuse and decided to do nothing.

To me he has totally surpassed O.J. Simpson; that is if he allegedly murdered his ex-wife as he was found not guilty in a court of law. The reason being is that C.T.E. has been found to be a major cause of personality changes and behavior and is subsequently believed to be the cause of the double murder and suicide that was committed by former WWE wrestler Chris Benoit.

I believe that when O.J. does passes, it will show that his brain has been severely damaged by concussion from his time playing football.

If that was the case, that vaults Paterno as the evilest person in sports history as the difference between the two would then be Paterno’s was moral. O.J.’s was a physiological reason due to the violence of football, which makes the two completely different.

The thing is that blows me away about the lawsuit is the fact that they don’t need to go to court to restore Paterno’s legacy. In time people forgive, forget and remember the good things that a person has done. However, when you have morons for family members that keep dragging things on ultimately what is remembered is all the damage and stupidity that you and your family members have done.

So, the longer and longer the Paterno family fights the more damage they do to the legacy of a man who was an iconic college football person.

6 Responses to "Paterno Family Hurting Legacy"

  1. Educated on the Subject   October 24, 2013 at 11:16 am

    This is one of the worst written articles ever. Who chose to publish this? Who chose to even write this? This is all based on complete opinion and the 3 facts that it shares are actually completely wrong! Read the Freeh report. But if no one else in media actually does, why would you? This is just ignorant and a sad attempt at making a name for yourself by comparing JoePa to OJ. JoePa didn’t kill anyone, he didn’t even rape children. He actually provided thousands of them with better lives. Yes, Sandusky is a disgusting faggot who deserves to burn in hell. Also, you stated it yourself that he did report it to his higher-ups, and nothing was done. It’s sad and I feel for the kids, but he was used as a scapegoat. The media wanted blood and the Paterno’s and the students and the team bled. (All who did nothing wrong). Get a blog, bro. This is horrible.

  2. Deeezy Dog   June 5, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    While I agree with your premise, your horrible English makes your points difficult to follow. I would suggest the Paternos go away and let us forget about this horrible crap, and for the writer of this article to show future work to a proofreader before posting it.

  3. Milton   June 1, 2013 at 12:28 pm

    Paterno and now is family are more concerned about Joe Pa’s legacy than the protecting disadvantage children that attended the football camp. Remember the show incident was not the first allegation against Sandusky. Instead of reaching out and trying to find and speak with the child in the shower, Joe Pa and his cronies chose to speak to the Sandusky only. Yes I did read the Freeh report and the most damning part to me was the janitorial staff testimony. It gave insight to the true cultural of the Joe Pa football program.


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