Republicans Claim Immigration is a Democratic Election Ploy

immigration reform


Although I am a centrist, a true independent that does not believe in political parties, I must state upfront that this will be a condemnation of Republicans and their lack of belief in American principles, and their ignorance of reality.  They are claiming that Immigration Reform is a Democratic plot aimed at election dominance.

Before I allow a single word that might allow some semblance of reality to another attempt by a Republican legislator to misdirect the truth about a significant change in national policy, let’s look at some of the reality.

Estimates of eleven or twelve million people live in the United States who entered the country illegally.  The majority of them are from Mexico.  They have been living here for several years, and sometimes decades.  They have raised families, worked in mostly menial jobs, and in many cases contributed to the betterment of our nation.

The law was broken, there can be no denial about that.  When the Reagan administration first made a weak attempt at control of an emerging problem in the mid 1980’s, it became evident that nothing significant would change.  The laws that were passed had no “teeth”.  A measure of effectual enforcement was not a part of the legislation.  Employers were free to hire illegal aliens without repercussions.

Since that time, nearing a period of 30 years, nothing has changed with the exception of the numbers of those who have crossed our borders without due process.

Some right wing extremists believe that we should “round them up and deport” millions of people.  This is an ignorant idea by a group of racists who have not considered the impossibility of such a ridiculous suggestion.

When a bipartisan group of eight congressmen worked on a process of reform, and presented it to the Senate, the same group of old white men displayed their continued beliefs.  These men are the standard bearers of racism, bigotry, homophobia, and misogyny.

Representative Steve King, R-Iowa, said Tuesday, that the Hispanic vote is “a huge boon for Democrats”.  And “they have known that for a long time,” said Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. Their message has been that “we are going to recruit all you folks. That we are going to give amnesty to (you) to become Democrats.”

What this displays in truth is an ignorance that Hispanic voters are becoming a major force in our nation’s elections.  Mr. King would rather continue a policy of racism than face the facts that we are a diverse nation, and living in 1950’s America is no longer an option.

The so called “gang of eight” labored to produce a document that is 844 pages long.  They submitted a complicated piece of legislation that attempts to create legitimacy in many forms for the eleven million men and women in our country who must receive some sort of consideration in regards to their future.

Louisiana GOP Rep. John Fleming, noted the length of the proposal by the “Gang of Eight”.

“When in recent years have we passed such a large bill and had a good outcome?” Fleming asked. “I’ll give you Obamacare and Dodd-Frank (financial reform) as good examples of that. I really think we need to tear this thing up and start from the beginning.”

Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, said the “Gang of Eight” would be defeated by a “gang of millions.”

Stockman continued in his idiotic statements.

“They will rise up against (the Senate bill) and it will fail because the people are stronger than the ‘Gang of Eight,'” Stockman said.  All the while denying the fact that the vast majority of Americans favor a fair and reasonable measure to reform our immigration policy.

It’s all too often I ask how these self-serving morons got elected.  They have no awareness of reality.  They are happy to take money from the electorate and lobbies and live their ‘cushy’ lives, while never being forced to face the realities of our nation’s major concerns.

Whether the “good old boys” like it or not, the United States of America is changing.  If they choose not to change with it, they need to get out of the way of progress.

Immigration reform, LGBT rights, and sometime in the near future, (hopefully), sensible gun legislation will happen.  Attempts by small groups of small minded men to suppress growth and progress in America will not succeed.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express