Robert Pattinson Life without Stewart and Life with Katy Perry

Life without Kristen Stewart
Now it seems that Robert Pattinson is discovering life without Kristin Stewart and life with Katy Perry. It seems that the pretty singer and ex Mrs Russell Brand, allegedly urged Robert to give glum and gloomy Kristen up.

It sort of looks like the two might just be a couple. They were definitely at a wedding do together and it looks like they might just be catching each other after mutual rebounds.

According to a source told them what was really going on between the two “P’s” (Pattinson and Perry) and their wedding appearance together. We think that the two look pretty good together and that there must be something special going on there.

But and their “source” say otherwise. “They are not a couple,” the source reveals. “They are friends and it’s only that!”

To that news we say, “Sure they are.” Not too many people would believe that, but we do!” Or as they say in England, “go-on, pull the other leg, its got bells on!”

If the non-verbals are a clue, why would Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry attend a wedding rehearsal together at a San Ysidro ranch in Santa Barbara, California.

So is this instance of wedding crashing with Katy Perry a sign that Robert Pattinson is over Kristen Stewart. And that he’s realised that he can have a life without his old Twilight flame and possibly have one with the “I Kissed” a Girl singer?

According to a source, Katy and Rob were just sitting next to each other watching the wedding rehearsal in the main courtyard area. They were dressed very casually. She was wearing a hoodie and big sunglasses. Just in case, you know, photographers might be there.

The two “P’s” weren’t going in for any public displays of affection and there were no deep meaningful glances exchanged, which would have been hard anyway with Perry wearing sunglasses. They didn’t appear to know anyone at the party so they were “crashing” obviously.

But appearances suggest that Pattinson and Katy are close, because it has been alleged that she urged Robert to dump the gloomy and unfaithful Stewart. Katy, it seems, was very concerned when Pattinson decided to give Kristen another chance after she’d “played away” as it were.

Katy knows all too well how that feels after being married to alleged love rat Russell Brand, who, it has to be said, has never really understood the concept of being faithful to one woman at a time.

While we are not saying that Robert’s and Kristen’s situation was similar, it is assumed that Stewart did just “play-away” the once with her Snow White and the Huntsman director; although the “once” did occur during the entire shoot of the film, but Katy knows all about unfaithful lovers.

One source close to the two said, “Katy never really supported Rob’s decision to get back with Kristen. She always said they wouldn’t last. Katy told Rob she didn’t think their relationship could withstand the cheating scandal and he deserved better than someone who would destroy a family [like Rupert’s].”

So life without Kristen Stewart for Robert Pattinson looks quite nice with a good friend like Katy Parry who most certainly has a very attractive and understanding shoulder to cry on. But it doesn’t look like Rob will be having to keep his old crying towel with Katy, she doesn’t seem like the sort to try to break his heart.

By Michael Smith