South Africa – Burger King Franchise off to a flourishing and controversial start

South Africa – Burger King Franchise off to a flourishing and controversial start
The first Burger King Franchise opened in Cape Town, South Africa this week to a flourishing start and entertaining controversy.

Competition from McDonalds, Nando’s and Steers will be challenging for the franchise and with a calling by the People against Gangsters and Drugs (PAGAD) to boycott and not support the Burger king simply because the owner Hassen Adams is involved in gambling.

It is known that Adams has a stake in the Grandwest Casino which is directly linked to other casinos around the country. It is obvious Hassen Adams is an energetic executive who made an investment, which will retain soaring profits.

The spokesperson for PAGAD emphasized that it was not a personal attack on Adams but rather on what he represented. Gambling is forbidden in Islam and Christianity he said. He confirmed that he requested his people not to support casinos or liquor stores and now the people must avoid Burger King. He raised a concern over the Halaal certification process and asked the Islamic Council of South Africa to ensure the correct procedure is followed.

The launch of the first Burger King in South Africa is a positive indication of how the fast food service industry is expanding. A successful worldwide franchise, Burger King could become the top quick service food provider.

Raising their concerns and speaking on behalf of the entire Muslim and Christian community is ridiculous. The opening of another franchise in South Africa generates work and can boost the economy. These incessant members should gather the facts and make a positive contribution to the country instead of causing a rift between community members.

One can assume the giant franchise will abide with the correct protocol and hygiene controls. As a Muslim, and the owner of the first Burger King, I believe he will ensure the Halaal controls are adhered. Where he chooses to invest his money is entirely his choice, we cannot demand to boycott a good business based on this insignificant proposal.

PAGAD should contribute a more positive attitude toward the country and not insinuate that all Muslims and Christians are the same. There will always be the conservative and virtuous religious people, and then there will be the ordinary ones. There will always be a difference of opinion and there will never be a total obedience to the rules of any religion.

PAGAD should be realistic and use their influence to combat crime, corruption and the rape situation in the Western Cape. They will gain monumental support for taking that type of action. The boycott of Burger King will fizzle out before it actually begins. I say, well done to Hassen Adams for taking a risk and venturing into a business, we all sincerely hope remains successful.

A twist in the tale and I wonder if the real reason for the boycott called for by PAGAD of the Burger King franchise is because it is an American Jewish Billionaire Nicolas Berggruen who purchased the controlling interest in Burger King a year ago.

The people of South Africa irrespective of the religious background should look upon this investment as a constructive contribution to a crumbling economy. A fast food chain that will definitely have a positive effect on the adverse situation currently experienced.

Written by Laura Oneale

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