Adrien Broner Takes Belt and Girl from Malignaggi (Video)

Adrien Broner was able to win the belt and the girl by defeating Paulie Malignaggi by split decision last night.
Adrien Broner was able to win the belt and the girl by defeating Paulie Malignaggi by split decision last night.

Adrien Broner defeated Paulie Malignaggi to take home the Welterweight championship of the boxing world. The title is the third belt he has won during his career, and at just 23 years old the undefeated boxer figures to be a long lasting star in the sport.

Leading up to the fight, both men did a great deal of trash talking, but in the end only Adrien Broner was able to back his up and call himself champion. Trash talking was out of hand leading up to the fight, Broner went as far as to bring in Jessica Corazon, an ex-girlfriend of Malignaggi. She was called in by Broner to two pre-fight press conferences, and was in attendance at last night’s fight as well.

After the fight was over, the trash talking didn’t cease. A cocky Broner made it appear like he was unscathed by any of the shots Malignaggi threw during the fight, and said that it was “quite the accomplishment” to be a three title holder at such a young age. He also said that he “left with his belt, and his girl” in reference to his relationship with Corazon.

Disliking one another, this fight was a hotly contested battle. Ending with a split decision that was scored 115-113, 117-111 and 113-115 in favor of the new welterweight champion Adrien Broner.

Malignaggi threw a huge number of punches, far more than Broner, during the fight, and as a result scored well early on in the fight. Broner was unfazed by the high number of punches the 32 year old Malignaggi threw at him, seen taunting his opponent throughout the fight by saying things such as “you can’t hit me” as he dodged punch after punch. Malignaggi threw over 300 more punches than Broner, but landed 32 less. He only connected on 25 percent of his shots.

The power of Broner proved to be too much to handle in the end, and the second half of the fight was taken over by the young star. He believed his opponent was in “survival mode” during the fight, cutting off the ring and going in for the kill. Although he was not able to earn knockout number 23 of his career on the night, the consensus around the ring was that Broner was the victor. Connecting on nearly 50 percent of his punches, his power was on display, physically moving Malignaggi back upon connection.

In a span of just 19 months, Adrien Broner has won titles in three weight classes. Competing at 130, 135, and 147 pounds in that span, he was able to strap the belts for the junior lightweight, lightweight and now welterweight divisions around his waist.

Such a feat puts him in rare standing, only three other boxers have been able to accomplish the same. Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De La Hoya were also able to do this, putting him in the company of some of boxing’s greatest fighters. Mayweather is Broner’s idol, and was in attendance for last night’s fight.

Broner is now 27-0 as a professional since turning pro in 2008. He responded to his critics who believe his record is padded by his cherry picking opponents by saying that he will let the fans choose who he will fight next.

Malignaggi was unhappy with the decision and threatened to quit boxing unless he is given a rematch. His post fight interview was packed with emotion as he said “I thought it was an entertaining fight and the fans got their money’s worth, but it’s a lot of bulls—. There’s politics, and you get bulls— like this. It’s part of the game, and somebody should do something about it. I don’t have to fight again. I made good money in boxing and I work with you guys at Showtime (as an announcer.) I’m not saying it was fixed, but it’s always the more connected fighter who gets the decision.”

Broner’s post fight interview is where things got interesting. Cocky and trash talking throughout, he talked about himself as if he was in a class above the rest of the boxing world. When told his idol Mayweather said he needed to work on his footwork, he replied that it was only because he didn’t need it to beat Malignaggi that he didn’t use it.

Towards the end of the interview he once again offended his opponent by saying that “I left with his belt and his girl.” The aftermath of that comment was reminiscent of a reality show, Malignaggi got in his face. Telling Broner not to “brag about taking my side-piece” he told the crowd through the microphone that “you don’t get laid.” Officials had to get between the two men and drag them away from each other, almost like a scene from Jersey Shore.

So after all the trash talking, boxing fans were able to witness a great show put on by two talented fighters. In the end however, it was Adrien Broner who was able to win the fight, and as a result take both the belt and girl from Malignaggi, becoming a three division champion in the process.

You can see a video of the trash talking below.

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