American Idol All Alumni Judge Poll Result Team Clarkson Loses

American Idol all alumni poll result

When it was announced that ex American Idol alumni Jennifer Hudson was to be a new judge on season 13 of the show, with hints that the new season would have an all alumni judging panel we went, wow! We decided to ask you, our faithful readers just who you would like to join her, and in the poll result, it appears that Team Kelly Clarkson loses with the Idol fans.

We were surprised at that. Kelly was the first ever winner on the show and seems to be doing quite well for herself, what with getting married soon and keeping very busy performing. Not too mention that she has a pretty solid fan base. But according to our poll, not that popular with fans of the American Idol show!

Now that it has been confirmed that Jennifer Hudson is a new judge from the network and the show’s producers and with the announcement of so many of the existing judges leaving, it is starting to look more and more like an all alumni panel could happen.

Just in case you’ve forgotten who was on the line-up of possible judges, here is the poll from last week:

American Idol All Alumni Judges
Who would you pick as an alumni judge on the panel?
Kelly Clarkson
Clay Aiken
Adam Lambert
Candice Glover
Other –

And here is how you thought it should go!

Clay Aiken who won second place on season three of Idol is the obvious number one favorite. Just to remind those of you of how Clay did when he was on the show, on May 21, 2003, Aiken came in a close second to Ruben Studdard, who won the contest by 134,000 votes out of more than 24,000,000 votes cast.

The result was very controversial, with the answer being that Idol’s voting system was just not capable of handling the number of attempted calls. But not so controversial as to keep him from being your number one choice out of the three alumni “Idols” who were mentioned for a spot on the judging panel.

With a staggering 126,605 votes (with results still coming in) Clay is the hand’s down favourite, beating Adam Lambert and knocking Candice Glover out of site.

But Clay is just the most popular of the choices we gave you, the American Idol all alumni judge poll also included the choice of Team Lambert and Team Clarkson and if you look at the numbers the result of who wins and who loses you might be surprised, but we doubt, because you voted!

Second place was that other crowd pleaser Adam Lambert. Like Clay Aiken, he also finished as the runner-up in the eighth season of the show. His time on American Idol was also full of controversy after photos of Adam surfaced where he was kissing another man during the American Idol competition.

Adam Lambert confirmed that the photos were of him and he stated that he had nothing to hide and had always been open about his life. Mainstream media had a field day while they speculated on his sexuality and the readiness of American Idol voters for an openly gay winner.

It seems pretty clear that you folks don’t care about his gender choice when it comes to judging the American Idol show as he got a substantial vote of 67666 putting him firmly in second.

But what about Kelly Clarkson? Well if the rumours are correct and the new season of Idol will only have three judges instead of their usual four? Team Kelly Clarkson is out!

Despite being the favourite of both the network and the show’s producers the soon to married Kelly came in a very definite third with only 8330 votes! In an upcoming season that promises that it might have only three on the panel, it looks like your choice is Jennifer Hudson, Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert.

A few of you (about 112 few in fact) didn’t want any of the choices we suggested.

But this has been a great turnout by you our faithful readers who showed up and voted a whopping 202895 times!

With all the “hype” around the judges for the new season being alumni who have been through that “trail by fire” of competing and either winning or coming close, we thought you might have a better idea of who should be in or out.

So out of our four names you’ve chosen two clear winners (Team Aiken and Team Lamber) and one clear loser (Team Clarkson) and sorry Candice Glover you didn’t even really get a “look in.”

So that is it, the “American Idol All Alumni Judge Poll Result” is…Team Clarkson loses and by a lot. Thanks for taking part in this “just for fun” poll. We love when you guys and gals tell us how you really feel!

By Michael Smith