Chemical weapons used in Syria?

Chemical weapons used in Syria?

Chemical weapons used in Syria is the U.S Government false flag

As the Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov indirectly said that the “political games” preventing Russia from investigating the data on the use of toxic substances in Aleppo. U.S. Governments false flag consists to prove that the Syrian Government supports the mass production of chemical weapons above the limits agreed by the world countries in the UN instances.

A chemical agent, most likely sarin gas, was used in the attack of 26 people, including government forces. Bashar Assad is accused by countries like Israel, UK, France and the U.S Government of support the Syrian rebels plan to attack on the southern Turkish city of Adana.

Both Russian and United States bargain an agreement to suspend any sort of supporting to the Syrian Government because there are geopolitical implications with a peaceful resolution don’t comes in a organized way.

The investigation of the case take huge proportions until reached to the UN president, Ban Ki-moon, and implicates a hegemony force decision to rule the discontinuation of the contract breach between the involved parties.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is defending the Israeli Government interests and puts Al-Qaeda like the main responsible for participate actively in the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, and contributes with their expertise to increase logistics and financial support for other terrorist groups in the Middle East of Europe and North of Africa.

The U.S Government provocations around this situation will during time until Syria continuously receipt military knowledge for Russian and concentrates your resistance in Damascus.

Wikileaks exposes this fact through “The Syria Files” and documents shows a secret network that make profit with chemical weapons sales.

Russian and United States keeps various business in the region and the false flag war it is because market extension. Could Russia keep their military force in the Syrian territory for a long time?

Written By: Tiago Silveira

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