DUI – Driving While Intexticated (Video)

Texting while driving delays a driver’s reaction time as much as having a BAC level at the legal limit.


Today a story featured in Yahoo Finance has lots of people talking about the dangerous practice of texting while driving, also known as driving while intexticated. The article states, “The Torkzadeh Law Firm (TorkLaw) announces the launch of its Nationwide campaign, “Don’t Be a Dummy: Don’t Text and Drive,” aimed at helping curb the rising epidemic responsible for thousands of fatal accidents each year.

Texting while driving is now the leading cause of death among teens, surpassing drinking and driving.  A recent study by Cohen Children’s Medical Center showed that more than 3,000 teens die each year in accidents caused by texting and driving, compared to 2,700 teens who are killed in drunk driving accidents each year. The study also revealed that over 50 percent of students text while driving.

“Our firm has been involved in many cases involving distracted drivers, and we have seen first-hand the devastation that’s caused by texting and driving,” said Reza Torkzadeh, founder and partner of TorkLaw.”

It’s hard not to know how dumb it is to text and drive. Using a mobile device to text when driving is a crime in 38 states. Billboards, magazines, television and radio loudly proclaim the message: don’t do it.

Driving requires the driver’s undivided attention, yet some people just fail to get the message or understand the illegality.

imagesTextandDrivingSafety.com reports 23 percent of traffic accidents in the United States involved texting: that’s 1.3 million traffic collisions.

Today FOX 40 Sacramento announced a new and innovative program to help “stop driving-while-intexticated.” FOX reported, “Crash in the simulator and nothing happens, just simply restart it. But do this in the real world and there can be deadly consequences.

This is an opportunity set up by Allstate to give drivers a chance to see exactly how they drive while distracted. It’s set up right outside of Raley Field’s main gate Friday night.

The program is called Reality Rides. The challenge here is to text and drive, while the simulator recreates split-second changes that happen on the road; a light turns red, a pedestrian jumps out and crosses the street, or a car cuts you off. When you crash or break you can hear screeching tire and metal crunching.

Drivers can also take the pledge, dab their thumb in ink and put their print on a screen with countless others. It’s just one more reminder that you’re not out on the road alone and that no message or phone call is worth taking a life.”

Text-While-Driving-Deaths Escalate

Carinsurance.org provides an insight into the national nightmare and the reasons why 38 of 50 states have already banned texting while driving.

Text and Driving Statistics 2012 Highlights:

  • . At 55 mph, your car travels the length of a football field in 5 seconds.
  • . You are 23 times more likely to get into an accident while texting.
  • . Texting while driving delays a driver’s reaction time as much as having a BAC level at the legal limit.
  • . Cell phones cause 18% of fatalities from distraction-related accidents.
  • . 30% of teens text while driving.
  • . 55% of young adult drivers say that it is easy to text while driving and still pay attention.
  • . According to a car and driver study, driver’s reaction time while reading and sending texts was way worse than while impaired with alcohol.
  •   37 of 50 states have already banned texting while driving.

It Can Wait®: Uniting for One Goal

Wireless Leaders Unite with 200+ Organizations to Curb Texting and Driving

AT&T’s It Can Wait message to end texting and driving continues to expand across the country. Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile US, Inc. and more than 200 other organizations have joined us in spreading the word that no text is worth a life. Read More.

It Can Wait®: Uniting for One Goal

A Massachusetts judge set a strong example in June 2012, sentencing a state teenage to 2 years in prison and loss of his driver’s license for 15 years. Aaron Deveau, 18, was convicted of motor vehicle homicide in the death of Daniel Bowley, a 55-year old father of 3.

On February 20, 2011, Deveau was texting and driving. Loosing control of his vehicle caused Deveau’s vehicle to swerve across the centerline, colliding head on into the truck driven by Daniel Bowley. Bowley was hospitalized in critical condition in a Boston hospital before dying.

Deveau tried to wimp out responsibility in the death of Daniel Bowley, lying under oath that he was distracted by homework worries and that he had sent his last text message from the parking lot of the grocery store where he was employed. Guess the lying little weasel was too dumb to realize that cell phones leave an electronic trail with all calls dated and time stamped. Phone records requested by the court show Deveau sent his last text at 2:34PM. He received a response at 2:35PM – the exact time of the deadly crash.

When issuing Deveau’s sentence, District Court Judge Stephen Abany stated “the maximum sentence for motor vehicle homicide was doled out to send a message of deterrence to the state’s drivers”. Deterrence “really seems to come to play in this case. People really want to be safe on the highways,” Judge Abany said. People need to “keep their eyes on the road.”


David Teater, a senior director of the transportation initiative at the National Safety Council, heartily agreed with the sentence.
“People can violate these laws and there really isn’t much of a deterrence without examples like this. Clearly, being distracted is an extremely deadly thing that’s going on in this country and people need to understand they just can’t do it,” Teater stated.

Teater further commented, “This is a threat that did not exist just a few years ago, and we’ve never had to understand how being connected to a mobile world was dangerous. Unfortunately, now the way we’re beginning to understand the danger of it is by people getting hurt and dying. And that needs to change.”

By: Marlene Affeld


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