Invisibility Cloak is an Old Tale of Morality

"Morality is a social construct imposed from the outside"

Invisibility cloak is an old tale of morality

The time of the “impossible” is behind us, as researchers from Cornell University revealed last year, they successfully hid an event in a “Time cloak”; and this week, scientist from Purdue University reported at Nature Magazine that the technique improved, which means that they can apply it in real life.

While the former cloak only hid a single event for 50 trillionth of a second, the new cloak hid 12 billion such events per second, making them invisible. This is not magic, this is real, are laws of physics. Light has information, if there is an event and there is not light, so we can´t see it, then the event can go unnoticed. That is what occurs with the “Time cloak”.

For centuries our imagination has taken us beyond the frontiers of Science.

The Invisibility Cloak appears often in mythology.The hero Perseus, had an invisibility helmet and uses it to kill Medussa while she is sleeping.
The Republic of Plato tells the story of Gyges, noble and honest shepherd, who find a cave and discovered that it was in fact a tomb containing a corpse who wore a ring, which he steals. The ring has the power of invisibility, as we wears it, he becomes very attach to it and then he seduces the queen of Lydia and with her help he killed the king and became king of Lydia. And if it sounds familiar, well The Lord of the Rings uses a ring of invisibility also.

Harry Potter´s series uses the cloak to sneak around in the magic world. J.K Rowling also explains the origin of the cloak in The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

In the book Physics of the impossible, mister Michio Kaku said, “is an exotic new material, called “metamaterial”, which might one day render objects truly invisible”; his book was published in 2008 and so far there have been two big breakthroughs.

Also, H.G Wells tells the story of The invisible man, which is about a medical student, who discovers the power of the fourth dimension and becomes invisible, but he is corrupted by his power and dies tragically.

Other contemporary works have used the topic of invisibility and “time cloak”, such as Star Trek , The Transformers and the TV show Fringe. Science Fiction is getting real, with time we will be able to send secret messages using temporal hidey holes.

There are two sides of the coin, it can be use for good or it can be use to destroy. Michio Kaku says, “morality is a social construct imposed from the outside. A man may appear to be moral in public to maintain his reputation for integrity and honesty, but once he possess the power of invisibility, the use of such power would be irresistible”

History has taught us that new technology in the wrong hands can destroy, for instance the Atomic Bomb, but if technology is use in a good way humanity can move forward and evolve.

By: Oskar Guzman.
SOURCE: Nature magazine, Physics of the impossible.

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