Julian Assange Selfless Pioneer For Freedom

Unnecessary Diplomatic Tussle


Edward Snowden is not a lucky man right now, however what is lucky for him, is that at least two influencial people are willing to help him. WikiLeaks and selfless pioneer of freedom Julian Assange and Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa have helped him flee the country and he was able to travel via Hong Kong to Moscow. He didn’t use a letter of safe passage but his U.S Passport which now has been cancelled. Assange wanted to say the following: “The United States, by canceling his passport, has left him for the moment marooned in Russia, to take a passport from a young man in a difficult situation like that is a disgrace.” However not really surprising now is it?

The internet is ablaze with theories, outrage and a lot of opinions. Lets have a look at a few of these ideas and what we can conclude

  • Internet commenter boonteetan wrote: “Much to the chagrin of the US, Hong Kong has allowed Snowden to leave and fly to Moscow to an unknown destination. To avoid further unnecessary diplomatic tussle, the authority in Hong Kong has made a right and face-saving move. It has smoothly shed an unusually heavy burden.”

It is a brave thing that Hong Kong did, allowing Snowden to pass through their country. Some might say it was for their own benefit, while others might argue that they feel for him or atleast support his cause. Time will tell what side of history he will be on.

  •  Randor707 wanted to add: “Thank heaven for the few brave folks over the years, such as Daniel Ellsberg, Pvt Manning, Julian Assange and pioneer Edward Snowden. These are heroes with the backbone and principles to stand up against the Nanny States of America. It is enormously reassuring to see the world is getting smarter and folks are unwilling to blindly follow the lead of inept, corrupt politicians. We should all support these courageous folks, especially now Edward Snowden. Without these selfless pioneers for freedom we would all be the dupes of corrupt government still believing the lies of our unprincipled appointed leaders.”

However we would like to ask Randor what we should do now? Should we all rise up and uncover corruption? Should we form a new political party? He is definitely right but sitting around and saying that Snowden is a hero isn’t going to help a thing.

  • “The NSA spying is a direct result of the amount of the chipping away of the Constitution that the government (Congress and the President, both Obama and Bush) has done since 9-11. Let’s face it, Obama has been utterly TERRIBLE about upholding our rights and limiting government intrusions on our liberties; however, anyone who thinks his Republican opponents would be any better is seriously delusional. McCain has defended all the survelliance measures, and while Romney hasn’t commented, civil liberties didn’t rank high on his agenda.

The problem is that we are constantly stuck with a voting choice between bad and worse; rather than voting for someone we believe in, we’re voting against the other person. What we need are honest candidates who would truly work for us. I just don’t where we’d find them, and I doubt they’d make it through the primary.” According to Saradon.

Indeed a dilemma which can’t be solved easily. It comes to mind that the power is indeed with the people but the people need to be willing and courageous enough to do something about it.

Who would you like to see as a new selfless pioneer of freedom and a  party leader? Assange? Snowden?  Who do you think would be able to push the “start fresh” button?

By Georgina Pijttersen