Justin Beiber to collaborate with Chris Brown again

Justin Beiber to collaborate with Chris Brown again

Chris Brown has again expressed interest in collaborating with pop star Justin Beiber once, the two collaborated on Chris’s song ‘Next to You’ off his FAME album. Now, Chris wants to add another collaboration, so could this mean Justin Beiber will be on Chris Brown’s ‘X’ album or will Chris Brown and Justin Beiber collaborate on a separate project.

It is no surprise that Chris Brown and Justin Beiber have once collaborated or are friends. For instance, recently when Justin Beiber accepted his award at the billboard awards and was booed. Chris Brown took to twitter later that night and tweeted: “Congrats @justinbieber Focus and f**k the bulls**t! Love ya boy.”

Also, in an interview with the Breakfast Club recently, Chris Brown was quoted as saying, “With [Justin], it’s just a case of how I feel, it’s about being young, having a limitless amount of income…and then at the same time, you ain’t got nobody that’s gonna say, ‘Hey, bruh, you look whack right now,’I had the people that said it and it got through eventually,” Chris Brown said referring to the recent trouble that Justin Beiber has run into.

A source close to Chris Brown said, “Chris loves the Biebs, that’s his little homie. You know, Chris got a lot of thoughts and there’s a lot people he would want to work with and yes, Biebs is one.”

Justin Beiber to collaborate with Chris Brown again

So when can the fans expect this collaboration to occur, no word yet on when the two will hit the studio or if they will anytime soon. Still, Chris Brown recently performed at this year’s Hot 97 Summer Jam will soon be releasing his next single which features the late Aaliyah and some unheard vocals by the late R&B star. Chris Brown also shot the video to the track in Los Angeles, California and the video is expected to be released about the same time as the single.

Also, Chris Brown recently shot the video to his and R&B star Tank’s single ‘Shots Fired,’ the single is on iTunes now and video will be released soon.

Justin Beiber to collaborate with Chris Brown again

‘Fine China’ is available now on itunes.
‘X’ hits retailers and iTunes July 16th

-Kelly J Newson

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  1. dellesia hill   June 3, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    Can’t wait til this collabo come out I know its going tp be good. I love chris and Justin music so this will be great also I’m a young singer trying to be heard by the world so if you wanna talk music Justin or chris just email me at cancerbaby98@yahoo.com

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