Justin Bieber and his monkey shines

Justin Bieber, 19, besides being famous for his musical talent and his looks that drive many young females wild, is in the news almost every day for for something, like his run-ins with angry neighbors and other monkey shines.

One of these recent monkey shines was when the Biebs  took his pet monkey, a capuchin name Mally, to Germany with him. Justin Bieber was traveling there for a series of concerts as part of his world tour.

After the pop star failed to produce Mally’s required vaccination and import papers upon Justin’s arrival in Munich, his monkey was seized by authorities there on March 28.

Mally has remained the subject of much media speculation, but not much information about the capuchin’s condition has been released.

The latest news about Justin Bieber’s monkey, according to an official there, is that Mally is adapting well to life in Germany. 470_2627913

Talk show hosts like David Letterman, Jay Leno, and Conan O’Brien had a field day cracking jokes about this incident.

They, and others in the media, wondered why Justin would take a monkey along with him on his world tour. Some of the jokes even made comparisons between Justin’s pet monkey and Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee, Bubbles.

German officials did give Justin time to pick up his monkey, four weeks  to be exact; but, the performer never contacted them to reclaim his pet.

Of course, a little thing like a prior commitment to tour major European cities and countries  performing concerts probably was the main obstacle which prevented Justin from reclaiming his pet monkey.

Mally,  after having spent the last couple of months in an animal shelter, has now been moved to what will be his new permanent residence at the Serengeti Wildlife Park in Hodenhagen, northern Germany.

One of Justin’s most recent monkey shines involved his angering his neighbor, former NFL star, wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson.

The anger stems from earlier this week, when Johnson said he was helping his 3-year-old daughter into a small electric car. Johnson reportedly saw Justin speeding in his white Ferrari in their gated community of Calabasas, California.

Johnson called the police to report the incident, and he tried knocking at Bieber’s door, but no one would answer.

Keyshawn was also irate because he allegedly saw Justin switching seats with his passenger, an African American,

Keyshawn Johnson isn’t finished with Justin Bieber after confronting the pop star for allegedly driving his Ferrari at freeway speeds through the gated community.

Johnson said he was beyond peeved because he saw Bieber switch seats with his African-American passenger as they pulled into the garage. To Johnson, this was done in an attempt to get Bieber out of trouble for speeding.

“Look man, I know the difference between a black kid driving a car and a white kid driving a car,” Johnson stated. “I got biracial kids.”

Johnson said in a video recorded by TMZ that Bieber acted as if he was “entitled.” He said that Justin speeds up and down the highway, that Bieber sometimes spits on people in the neighborhood.

Just this past week, Justin Bieber has also reportedly been spotted attempting to get into clubs, despite his being under age.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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