Kanye West soars to the top of the charts with his 5th LP ‘Yeezus’

Kanye West has just scored himself a number one record as his ‘Yeezus’ album has landed in the top spot in Germany, the UK, Canada, and Australia. As for the U.S., Kanye West is in second place with J.Cole’s sophomore’s album ‘Born Sinner’ taking the number one spot away from Kanye West. June 18th saw the two hip hop stars go head to head and as midnight struck around the world fans were downloading Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ or J. Cole’s ‘Born Sinner.’ Although, for some fans they downloaded both albums as soon they were available, June 18 so far has been a good day for hip hop.

Kanye West soars to the top of the charts with his 5th LP 'Yeezus'

With all the hype surrounding Kanye’s latest LP, and the leak of his album just a few days before release, fans still couldn’t wait to purchase their own copy. As he always does, Kanye West has delivered another masterpiece, an album fans can listen to for years to come and one that has lived up to the hype. Kanye continues to show his creative genius and one can only wait with anticipation for his upcoming tour to see what he comes up with next.

During an interview with the New York Times last week and in talking about his album ‘Yeezus,’ Kanye described himself as, “a minimalist in a rapper’s body.”

Kanye continued on describing his album ‘Yeezus’ by saying:

“This album is moments that I haven’t done before, like just my voice and drums. What people call a rant – but put it next to just a drumbeat, and it cuts to the level of, like, Run-DMC or KRS-One. The last record I can remember – and I’m going to name records that you’ll think are cheesy – but like, J-Kwon, ‘Tipsy’. People would think that’s like a lower-quality, less intellectual form of hip-hop, but that’s always my number one. There’s no opera sounds on this new album, you know what I mean? It’s just like, super low-bit. I’m still, like, slightly a snob, but I completely removed my snob heaven songs; I just removed them altogether. It’s like trap and drill and house. I knew that I wanted to have a deep Chicago influence on this album, and I would listen to like, old Chicago house. I think that even ‘Black Skinhead’ could border on house, ‘On Sight’ sounds like acid house, and then ‘I Am a God’ obviously sounds, like, super house”

-Kelly J Newson

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