Kate Upton Topless Horseback Ride

Kate Upton Topless Horse Ride

If you add the words Kate Upton and topless, then add in the word video; you’ve got a formula for an instant viral hit. So when the news came out the the girl with the “natural” breasts was doing a topless horseback ride, the first thing that sprang to mind, was viral video.

TMZ just released a video on Friday boasting that it featured “Kate Upton SUPER TOPLESS … On a Horse.” According to TMZ the video was “taken during a recent modeling shoot.” But according to Coed.com, the video was actually filmed while Upton was doing her Complex 2012 shoot, which sort of falls into the category of recently but only just.

But in one area at least, TMZ weren’t exaggerating. For the length of the video – if you can even watch it, for some reason in the United Kingdom it is blocked as private; this from the country that brings us topless “Page 3″ girls – you will see Kate Upton sitting topless on a horse.

The video, I am told, lasts for one minute and 11 seconds. You will see Upton sitting on a horse, giggling awkwardly, and eventually taking off her top to reveal her all natural breasts. But TMZ has decided to spare the gorgeous young Kate from too much embarrassment as they’ve imposed stars over her nipples.

No one is quite sure why TMZ have taken this particular step, especially as the public have actually seen Ms Upton’s nipples before. Whatever the reason for this “modesty saving” gesture, the internet is not happy about it. Twitter is off the chain with complaints about the Upton censored nipples.

But Kate Upton and her topless horseback ride may never get a chance to be another viral hit for the beautiful all natural model. Since TMZ is being quite coy about the whole thing by covering the model’s blushes.

Apparently, TMZ have included another video showing a reaction of one of the TMZ employee’s having either a heart attack or a stroke at the sight of his uncensored vision of Kate’s boobs, starless. But again, I can only take the word of Fox News and The Daily Caller, who both mention the video and the “DC” actually have the “editor” video on their site, which is, as I mentioned earlier, not watchable in the UK.

According to the Daily Caller, the “other” video appears to be of a “virginal” editor who, while viewing the video clutches his chest and says, “My heart… hurts… Holy crap…” wheezes Gary, who obviously has never laid eyes on a Playboy magazine before.

But it appears that this particular Kate Upton video may not become a “viral hit.” If you go over to YouTube and type in Kate Upton, one of your suggested choices will be: “Kate Upton Horse.” If you decide to go even further and click on any of the many different channels touting the “Topless Kate Upton on a Horse” you’ll find a lot of YouTube contributors talking about it, or a video with those stars firmly in place in a freeze frame shot of Kate on said horse with a link in the description box for the “original” video.


While the complaining masses on Twitter feel gypped. I’d like to point out that the good natured Upton doesn’t mind showing a bit of skin, that is true. You cannot be a swimsuit or lingerie model and not show some skin. But the idea that Kate’s private bits, aka nipples, are up for grabs is just rude and not giving the viral video gal the respect she deserves.

Any model who isn’t afraid acting “silly” while in a bikini, deserves some respect. So like TMZ, we think that you may have to wait to see Kate Upton’s nipples in the topless horseback ride. For a time when she thinks you can and not because some pervert with a video camera does.

By Michael Smith


6 Responses to Kate Upton Topless Horseback Ride

  1. Jane June 22, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Why not post a dude riding a horse pant less? Flying flat balls out! LOL

  2. Teepee12 June 22, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    The idea of riding a horse without a sports bra, much less topless … OUCH. And in a bikini? OUCH OUCH! Horsehair in my … ouch!


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